Cin7 offers direct integration with Newgistics (, a third-party logistics provider in the US. Below are the key benefits of build-in direct 3PL with Newgistics:

  • Reduced data entry and mistakes, not having to manually enter send orders to the 3PL.
  • Direct means purpose-built, allowing full control of how Cin7 interacts based on events.
  • Streamlining and automation of processes through greater flexibility.
  • Greater transparency being directly connected, from an order or stock status perspective.

The key benefits of having an inventory solution and 3PLs connected include:

  • Greater stock visibility at the 3PL branch.
  • Stock accuracy, as all orders need to be processed through an inventory solution irrespective of how they are fulfilled.
  • Create purchase orders and send them directly to the 3PL.

Cin7 integrates in the following way with Newgistics:

  • Outbound Requests – Sale orders and transfer to another branch.
  • Outbound Confirmations – confirmation of shipment that reduces inventory, updates tracking information and completes the sales order.
  • Inbound Shipments – Incoming stock to the 3PL including Purchase orders, transfers in from another branch.
  • Inbound Confirmation – Confirmation of receiving the stock that increases inventory at the 3PLs branch.