Benefits of direct integration with Mainfreight 3PL

Cin7 integrates with Mainfreight 3PL services in AustraliaNew Zealand and the US. Cin7 makes your outsourced 3PL warehouses a seamless part of your supply chain for:

  • Less data entry, fewer mistakes: Cin7 eliminates the need to manually create and send orders to your 3PL.
  • More time for what matters: streamlined, automated processes frees you to do more important work. 
  • Direct means purpose-built for full control of how Cin7 interacts with your 3PL, based on events.
  • Greater transparency being directly connected, from an order or stock status perspective.

How Cin7 works with Mainfreight

Cin7 streamlines and automates creating, sending and receiving order documents between you and your 3PL, including:

  • Sales Orders –The orders you need your 3PL to fulfill.
  • Pick Notifications – A summary way your 3PL actually picked per order.
  • Purchase Orders – Purchase orders of the products you need your 3PL to store.
  • Inbound Notifications – A summary of what was actually receipted by your 3PL per PO.
  • Auto back-ordering – If the picking quantity is less than the order quantity, Cin7 creates a back-order.
  • SSCC Labels (EDI) – Cin7 sends SSCC labels to attach to EDI orders.

Why should inventory and 3PLs be connected?

Cin7 helps retailers and wholesalers make their complex omnichannel, omni-fulfillment and multinational business simple by providing an all-in-one cloud Inventory, POS, EDI and 3PL solution.

The key benefits of having an inventory solution and 3PLs connected include:

  • Greater stock visibility at the 3PL branch.
  • Stock accuracy, as all orders need to be processed through an inventory solution irrespective of how they are fulfilled.
  • Create purchase orders and send them directly to the 3PL.