Geneva Supply 3PL Integration

Geneva Supply, Inc. is a US-based third-party logistics provider offering vendors outsourced warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping services. Geneva Supply supports businesses through logistics, consolidation, right-sizing, packaging, digital marketing, and sales.

How Cin7 works with Geneva Supply

Cin7 gives product companies stock visibility, order automation when they outsource warehousing to third-party logistics providers. By integrating with Geneva Supply, vendors and online retailers can do things like monitor stock levels, automatically send pick requests for ecommerce and marketplace orders, and automatically receive pick notifications.


The Benefits of 3PL Integration

Cin7 centralizes your inventory management and order workflows, connecting your ecommerce, marketplace, and even EDI sales channels with your integrated 3PL warehouses for streamlined order fulfillment. With Cin7's 3PL integration, you will: 

  • Gain full visibility of stock levels in any integrated 3PL.
  • Maintain accurate stock counts as you fulfill orders through your 3PL.
  • Create purchase orders and send them directly to the 3PL.
  • Automate your order workflows and reduce the admin tasks required to fulfill orders.
  • Even set up rules to have orders dispatched from the warehouse closest to your customer.