Prospect CRM

Grow your business with Prospect, the #1 Stock-Aware CRM. Prospect CRM's market-leading integration to Cin7 gives your sales, marketing, and customer service teams clear visibility of customers, inventory, current orders, and sales the office, at home, or on the road. Knowing which products a customer buys, and what’s available today, tomorrow, and next week, means you can sell the right product, at the right time, to the right customers, improving stock management, enhancing customer service and maximizing sales success.

How Cin7 and Prospect CRM Work Together


Grow your Customer Base

Prospect CRM will accelerate your sales success, helping you develop new B2B customers faster and more efficiently. A small increase in new-business close rate can have a profound impact on business growth.


Maximize Customer Retention

New business is important, but retaining customers is vital for growing a profitable wholesale, distributor, or manufacturing business. The Prospect AI Growth Engine (P.A.I.G.E.) can even predict when a regular customer has missed an order, and alert your sales or account management team to contact the customer before they churn for good.


Increase Order Value and Frequency

By connecting Cin7 to Prospect CRM, sales and customer-facing teams can effortlessly increase average order value and frequency for each customer. Prospect CRM brings your wholesale products to life with upsell, cross-sell, and must-sell capabilities.


Create Happier Customers

Whether it’s just checking in with customers and recording activities, or logging and dealing with customer issues – a CRM is all about building stronger, more profitable longer-lasting customer relationships.


Work Better as a Team

With centralized customer data in your CRM automatically updated with new orders and invoices from Cin7, your whole team has a clearer picture of what’s happening with each customer and who’s doing what.


Improve your Business Reporting

Don’t just report on sales data from Cin7 or your CRM data. Instead, bring your data together in one, integrated reporting tool that has up-to-date customer, sales and product data from Cin7 as well as traditional CRM activities.


How it Works

Watch how Prospect CRM helps your sales teams to get more customers, retain them for longer, and then target the right customer, at the right time to maximize your order frequency and order value. Watch the video now