StockTrim is an automated demand forecasting and inventory planning solution for medium-sized businesses. Retailers, distributors and manufacturers use StockTrim to keep their inventory balanced. It provides the insight to know how much you need to order to meet your customer demand, without wasting capital with excess stock.

The benefits of integrating StockTrim with Cin7

Simply follow the on-screen instructions to connect StockTrim to your Cin7 account. StockTrim’s machine learning algorithm will automatically read your sales history and stock data to predict your optimal inventory levels and supplier order quantities. Watch the StockTrim video for more details. Click to read the case study of how Cin7 customer Mega Distribution uses StockTrim to make purchasing faster, easier and automatic. 

Reduce excess inventory
StockTrim helps you plan your purchases and optimize inventory to hold the right amount of stock to meet demand.

Avoid stock-outs
Carry exactly the right inventory to meet demand. Don’t turn customers away because you don’t have the goods they want to buy.

Detailed forecasting
Easily drill down to see the demand analysis, seasonal trends, and the reasoning behind every forecast.

Manage inventory risk
Even products with variable or uncertain demand can be managed – carry enough buffer stock to meet your customers’ demands within a configurable statistical level of certainty.