Pure Commerce share four secrets that helped their clients achieve record growth in tough market conditions

  1. DEAR isn’t just for sorting your inventory or modernizing your business: it helps you keep your approach flexible

  2. You can afford your own, fully-customized, fully-integrated ERP (if it’s DEAR)

  3. Any product business can benefit from DEAR

  4. A great implementation partner will let you outsource the back-office

“We actually started out as a DEAR customer,” says Filipe Nicolau, owner and founder of Pure Commerce. “We were responsible for changing the entire inventory management process for a clothing company and taking the business online — and DEAR was the go-to choice of ERP. We took that knowledge, and started a business around eCommerce inventory management systems and ERPs, and DEAR was a natural fit.”

Pure Commerce is a DEAR implementation partner and digital agency that specialize in solutions for eCommerce businesses. Filipe has been helping businesses both large and small implement DEAR for a long time now, and he’s happy to recommend the software to product businesses of all kinds.

“DEAR is a.) user friendly and b.) well plugged into eCommerce titans like Shopify,” Filipe says. “Compared to competitors, it’s a tenth of the price, and yet it does everything you need it to do.”

No matter how big your company gets, DEAR can scale to meet your needs.

Clients range from blue-chip companies in South Africa that are running giant warehouses and massive eCommerce stores, to mid-market businesses with five or six shops, all the way to people with just one or sometimes no store,” Filipe says. What they all have in common is they need a proper system to function like an ERP and manage inventory for their eCommerce sites.

“Because of DEAR’s price tiers, the smaller businesses can purchase it just as easily as the blue-chip companies. It’s accessible to all our customers. And no matter what we throw at DEAR, it just keeps being able to do it.”

Any product business can benefit from DEAR

The industry you’re in, says Pure Commerce, doesn’t matter too much: so long as your business is moving product, it can benefit from DEAR.

“We’ve got clients in the clothing sector, in manufacturing, in pottery, in health and wellness — all running DEAR.”

The first benefit of DEAR for many customers is simply being able to tell where all their inventory is. But once that’s established, customers find their other requirements or pain points are taken care of as well.

“When we first started, we used DEAR just to run a warehouse — purely ERP, stock management, goods in and goods out. Not even for financials, just to track stock. That was it,” Filipe says. “But with our business expertise and the functionality offered by DEAR, we can create any system a customer requires.”

Customers find DEAR helpful for syncing inventory through to finances, using programs like QuickBooks Online or Xero, and adding inventory capability to eCommerce platforms like Shopify. They use it for manufacturing, retail Point of Sale (POS) and expanding sales channels, making it easy to add a D2C channel to a B2B business, or vice versa.

“DEAR’s B2B portal is, for a lot of our customers, something they find themselves wanting to add, and it’s super easy to implement,” Filipe says.

Pure Commerce tends to stay away from the accounting and bookkeeping side of things. Their job is to make sure the business elements are all connected up, and they make sure their customers are connected with great accounting teams who know how to make inventory systems work well with financial systems of record.

Get an implementation partner that allows you to outsource the back-office

“A lot of our customers come to us saying they don’t know where to start. They’re starting a business from scratch. Well, we’ve done that ourselves! So we give them a full implementation, top to bottom, and in a lot of cases, it’s really saved their bacon. One client was a clothing company — we helped them get online, and they’re now running an online store and just launching their third physical store.”

For these companies, Pure Commerce functions essentially as an outsourced back office.

“We act as their support team for all things, not only eCommerce, but everything related to DEAR, to the operational side of the business. We’re their go-to.”

Pure Commerce have had great successes among their clients, with a number taken from operating entirely using pen-and-paper to DEAR Systems, using a full modern ERP and software app stack.

“We’ve had companies who were in the dark ages. Now they’re walking around with tablets managing production lines and things like that,” Filipe says.

Other success stories include a blue-chip company that started 2019 with barely any online presence and thousands of physical stores — and we all know what happened next. The Covid-19 pandemic hit, the company was forced to close all its stores.

“We had the CEO call and say ‘Listen, you need to save our bacon. We need to be fully online in a minimum of four months,’” Filipe says. “We launched them all online with one DEAR ERP and stock management system. There’s a massive warehouse in Cape Town, five stories high, that’s running all the company’s brands, all on DEAR. DEAR is keeping track of everything and feeding each brand’s website with inventory information.”

The changes Pure Commerce and DEAR have brought have had huge effects on the company. “It’s definitely changed their lives. They’ve never looked back — they’re pumping out products online and they’re growing day by day,” Filipe says.

DEAR offers incredible opportunities for new directions — for both product companies and their advisors

A lot of consulting companies would be thrilled to find themselves in the same position as Pure Commerce. They have a steady business and happy clients, and over the period of turmoil wrought by Covid-19 they’ve found themselves busier than ever. But they’re not stopping there. Their experience with DEAR means they can now branch out in exciting new directions, quite different to what you’d normally expect from a self-described “outsourced back-office.”

“Last year we used DEAR to launch our own Pure Commerce third-party logistics warehouse,” Filipe says. “A lot of clients don’t have warehousing, so we offer the ability to keep their stock in ours. We have our own DEAR account, which plugs into the client’s Shopify sites, and we pull the orders through to the warehouse. We pick, pack and ship on their behalf.”

All this activity is supporting the growth of Pure Commerce’s clients, as well as Pure Commerce itself. In the last three years, they’ve quadrupled their business. “And it’s primarily due to lockdown, to the pandemic. Everyone has realized that they need to be online,” Filipe says.

You can afford your own custom ERP — if it’s DEAR

Pure Commerce says that any product company can benefit from the features DEAR offers, but the features aren’t the only factor that decision-makers weigh up when considering an inventory management system. The price is also hugely important — but here, too, DEAR is beating the competition.

“The value for money you get from DEAR is amazing. You can get a B2B portal, you can run your POS, your sales channels, integrate into Amazon or pretty much anything else, integrate your accounting systems,” Filipe says.

“It’s a cost-effective system, a one-stop shop that gives customers an ERP and that allows Experts to solve pretty much all your customers’ problems with one system. The unique thing about DEAR is it can be for selling anything — from potatoes, to clothing, to pottery. That’s why it appeals to such a wide range of implementation partners and customers.”

About Pure Commerce

Pure Commerce is a DEAR implementation partner and digital agency that specialize in solutions for eCommerce businesses. Here, they explain how product companies can benefit from implementing DEAR — and the right implementation partner.

About Cin7 Experts

Cin7 Experts experienced with DEAR are an essential part of the Cin7 inventory management community. No matter what kind of product business you’re running, where you’re located, or what you’re trying to achieve, there’s a Cin7 Expert on DEAR who can help you achieve your ambition while saving your money and time.

Here’s how partnering with a 3PL company can help you cut down your logistics costs


Order fulfillment is a key part of running a successful product-based business. In the fast-paced world that we live in, simply manufacturing quality products isn’t enough. Companies that provide the quickest delivery times are most likely to become market leaders and stand out among their competitors.

Due to the growing significance of logistics management, the world has witnessed a steady rise in companies outsourcing their order fulfillment to third party logistics (3PL) providers. Studies show that companies who outsource order fulfillment operations earn 14% more revenue per employee, compared to those who don’t.


What is a 3PL company?

A 3PL company is a fulfillment service that includes a range of operations, such as warehouse management, logistics, order management, returns management, and customs. Backed by years of experience, 3PL companies carry out these operations on behalf of their customers.

As a concept, 3PL is gaining momentum as the world moves towards higher and faster connectivity. Around the world, manufacturers and product-based companies are collaborating with expert 3PL companies to take care of their order fulfillment requirements, and the results are outstanding.


Advantages of partnering with a 3PL company

Here are some of the most important benefits of partnering with a 3PL company:


Order fulfillment is one of the crucial aspects of a company’s supply chain. It’s also a totally different ballgame than procurement and manufacturing. Many companies that are experts in manufacturing quality products, may at times struggle with logistics, and vice versa.

By partnering with a 3PL company, you can gain immensely from the company’s years of experience. 3PL companies provide much needed technical and personnel support to your logistics operations.

Negotiate rates

Since a 3PL partner brings industry experience, it can negotiate a better deal with shipping companies as compared to if the seller does it alone. Also, a 3PL partner knows multiple shipping companies and can extract competitive pricing by constantly comparing rates.

Free up time and resources

One of the key benefits of hiring a 3PL partner is that it can rid you of worry about activities that aren’t your core competencies. If you’re primarily a manufacturer or a seller, you’d rather focus on enhancing your products or selling more. That’s exactly what partnering with a 3PL company helps you do.

Third party logistics companies essentially take over your order fulfillment process. As a result, by simply partnering with them, you gain access to a large pool of experienced and skilled resources. You don’t have to worry about training and housing these resources in your facility.

According to a Cin7 study, businesses with 3PL partners were 25% more likely to have positive year-on-year growth, compared to businesses that handled their logistics in house.

Gain flexibility and scalability

The primary goal of any business is to scale up with time. However, as you scale up your production and your sales, your logistics and order fulfillment operations must also expand.

This is where a 3PL partner can save the day. By partnering with a third party logistics provider that is capable of handling large orders, you no longer have to worry about scalability of your logistics.


Improve customer satisfaction

The end goal of any business is to create a customer experience that is both enriching and enjoyable. When you partner with a 3PL company, it helps you put your product in the hands of the customer in a much more efficient manner. It also allows you to focus your energy towards building better products for your customers.

All of this translates to a premium user experience, something that can easily help you stand out among the competition. This is why companies around the world are increasingly partnering with 3PL companies.


Source: 2021 Inventory and Order Management Trends

How to find the right 3PL partner

Check the 3PL’s ability to scale

While looking for a 3PL partner, it’s important not just to consider your present requirements but also your future needs. Your business ought to have well defined future plans. Check if the company is capable of handling the kind of rise in business that you see for yourself in the future.

Changing 3PL partners frequently isn’t advisable. Therefore it’s for the best if the company you select is capable of lasting many years.

Check technological capabilities

Technology is central to most decision-making today. Choosing the right 3PL partner should be no different. While comparing different 3PL companies, look at the quality of their technologies.

Do they use an efficient warehouse management system? A good WMS ensures that your products are handled with utmost care and little to no human interference.

A technologically advanced 3PL company will be able to track your products quickly. They will also be able to provide timely and accurate reports and analysis. All of these factors help in determining whether or not the 3PL provider is a good fit for your company.

Domain-specific experience

While choosing a 3PL, it’s also important to check whether the company has any previous experience with your domain. This becomes even more important if your products require specific conditions while shipping them to your customers.

There are 3PL companies that specialize in handling high-end luxury products, while some are experts at handling pharmaceuticals. It’s important to seek these companies out and only partner with those that are able to fulfill your requirements.



The advantages of partnering with an expert 3PL company are manifold. They not only save you money and effort, but also enrich your order fulfillment process and make it more efficient.

Businesses today want to leverage global supply chains and create products faster, cheaper and better. With the help of a 3PL partner, you can put your products in the hands of your customers faster, cheaper and better.



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