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25 April, 2024

Cin7’s Top Product Updates in Q1 of 2024

We’re excited to share our product updates for Q1– They’re packed full of impactful new features and tweaks to empower your brand!

At Cin7, our goal is to create an intelligent commerce platform for small to medium product businesses. 

Our products Cin7 Core and Cin7 Omni, help product sellers like you to reduce your manual work and empower you to scale your business into a global brand.

What’s new in Cin7

We’re proud to share the latest updates to our Cin7 products that help streamline operations, increase operational efficiency, and provide top-notch customer experience.

Generative AI product descriptions

Crafting compelling descriptions for all the products in your catalog can be time-consuming and tedious for sellers with thousands of products. 

With Cin7’s new Generate with AI function, you can quickly generate a complete description with SEO-focused keywords to compliment your product names without hours of writer’s block. This tool is especially helpful when needing to update entire catalogs to include seasonal items quickly. 

Generate with AI is available for all Cin7 Core users, so you can start streamlining your product description process immediately.

Pay with Settle

Cin7’s Pay with Settle is the first of its kind B2B vendor payment solution integrated into an inventory management system (IMS). It enables you to seamlessly combine bill payments within existing workflows within Cin7. As a result, Cin7 Core users save valuable time and ensure accurate financial records.

This collaboration with Settle allows Cin7 users to access advanced workflows and industry-leading AP automation tools like approval workflows, customizable user permissions, and split payments. 

While the integration with Settle is initially available to Cin7 customers using the QuickBooks (QBO) integration, we plan to expand this capability to other accounting platforms.

New Returns Merchandize Authorization (RMA) module

At Cin7, we know that returns can be complicated. That’s why we’ve streamlined the returns process in Cin7 Core. With our RMA module and portal, customers can get refunds, replacements, or repairs from a single website, regardless of the original sales channel. 

The RMA module automates the return workflow and reduces the manual work in returns decisions. You can customize the RMA module to streamline returns-related decisions, further reducing manual work and improving your customer’s experience.

Existing Cin7 Core users with RMA will be able to access the new functionality at no additional cost. Current Core users without RMA access can access the new features at attractive pricing as an add-on to their subscription.

New to Cin7 Core? You can choose to add the new RMA module and portal to your Core subscription. 

Material Requirement Planning (MRP) portal

The new MRP Portal add-on allows Cin7 Core users to use advanced supply and demand data to streamline the supply chain process, regardless of how many marketplaces they use. This includes reports on inventory, transfers, production, purchases, and sales orders. Within the MRP portal, you can analyze actual and forecasted sales demand and compare that demand with available and potentially available stock levels. 

The MRP module helps you to optimize sourcing by determining when you should produce products in-house, buy them from suppliers, or have them delivered from distribution centers. The tool can also run MRP simulations to identify where your supply lags behind demand and provide actionable steps that you can take to meet forecasted orders for every point of sale (POS).

Users who subscribed to the MRP feature before February 1, 2024, will continue to retain the same level of access without the need for an additional subscription. For new users, the MRP module is available as an add-on subscription to Cin7 Core.

Customers No Longer Buying report

We have added a new report that lets you drill deeper into identifying and understanding buyers who have recently gone inactive. Insights into metrics like where the last sale came from and how many sales were made to that customer before they became inactive help you prioritize and target retention efforts. 

For example, our new Customers No Longer Buying report helps you review which existing customers have not placed a sales order over a given timeframe.

Production Job by Completed Date report

Tracking your Cin7 Omni Production Jobs has never been easier! Our new Production Job by Completed Date report gives you insights into the whole process. You can review all upcoming, past, and current production jobs. This report will help you spot bottlenecks and trends in your production line as well as slipping deadlines.

What’s improved in Cin7

We’re proud of our new features, but we’re also excited about updates to existing features for Cin7 Core and Omni! Like fine wine, we continue to improve with age.

Our Q1 releases include powerful product enhancements to build on existing capabilities and strengthen the seamless inventory management experience so you can spend more time working on your business and less time working for it.

Consolidated transactions in QuickBooks Online

We’re proud to announce that Core is the first inventory management system that offers the option to consolidate transactions by sales channel. 

If you’re selling on multiple channels, you can simplify your account records by getting a summarized report for each channel.  

Combine numerous sales invoices, COGS, and payment transactions into consolidated transactions, reducing the volume of information sent to QuickBooks and the staff hours needed to process your accounting tasks.

These consolidated transactions are available only for sales and can easily be toggled on or off for each sales channel.

Available Credit in Sales Orders

Customers overspending can be an expensive problem. Cin7 Omni helps combat that by showing you a customer’s available credit in the sales order. 

Available credit limits are calculated as a customer’s total credit limit minus the balance owed. You will need an accounting integration to see the customer’s available credit in a sales order.

Keep up with Cin7 updates and the latest industry news

Cin7 is dedicated to supporting the next generation of global brands. All of our updates are inspired by our customers and work to alleviate your stress while streamlining your workload.

Each of our product updates is aimed at providing small businesses with the best technology available, being a partner, and being the best intelligent commerce platform out there.

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