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07 November, 2023

Cin7 Announces the Members of the 2023 Partner Advisory Council

At Cin7, we make selling products easier by enabling connected inventory performance (CIP). Our Partner Program is a hallmark part of our business – offering joint offerings with key partners to maximize the value we deliver for our customers. We work together with our partners to create a seamless experience for clients so they can scale their businesses efficiently.

Each year at the Cin7 Partner Summit, we appoint a board of partners to serve as advisors on our products, the customer experience, and in-market offerings. Members of the Partner Advisory Board serve for one year and serve on the Partner Advisory and Product Councils are part of their tenure in the program.

Last year, the Partner Advisory Board made a tangible customer impact by driving innovation and customer-centric changes in key areas. We’re grateful for each board member’s expertise and are excited to work with this year’s board to continue the impactful work we began in 2022.

Michelle Calkins, Global VP of Partnerships, says, “This year’s Board makes up our highest performing partners and industry leaders. We have representation from across the ecommerce, accounting, inventory, and services space and look forward to the collaboration with our Board.”

We’re proud to announce the following partners as members of our 2023 Partner Advisory Board.

2023 Cin7 Partner Advisory Board Members

Inventory Technology Partners

BDO Information Systems Limited

Symphony Development Group

Beyond Expectations

SMB Consultants

Integration Kings

Easy Insight

Hawk Consulting




Become a Cin7 Partner

At Cin7, we believe that growth is better together. According to CEO David Leach, “Partners are bringing forward the best of our company values. The innovation and collaboration we experience in the Partner Advisory Board exemplifies the best of our ecosystem.”

Our joint solutions empower you to add value to your customer relationships, increase retention, and take advantage of more opportunities for upselling and cross-selling.

The Partner Program provides exposure that helps you expand your customer base, whether you want to target your existing market or branch out into new geographies. Our customers are located around the world, and 75% of them are actively seeking partner services.

Ready to add your listing to our directory and start growing together? Join the Partner Program today.





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