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Welcome to the Cin7 Partner Program Guide! Throughout the document, the Cin7 product line (Core, Omni) will be addressed as Cin7, unless specifically named. This document provides an overview of Cin7’s Partner Program. Key aspects of the partnership are as follows:
  • Multiple partnering options including referral commission
  • Dedicated Partner Manager to assist with training, onboarding, and success
  • Ongoing support provided for specific product lines


The information provided in this document is confidential. The reader agrees to never disclose, disseminate, or reproduce any of the information contained in this document or any related communication without the express written permission of Cin7. All partner communications from Cin7 and the product family are confidential, unless specifically noted. This includes, but is not limited to, partner newsletter communications, e-mails, and conversations with product, marketing, and partner management teams.

Cin7 reserves the right to act against any disclosure, dissemination, or reproduction of this document or any related communication.



We are passionate about reducing the cost, time, and effort of selling products. We empower product sellers to thrive.

Cin7 connects your channels, inventory, orders, and accounting together. It dramatically reduces the cost of selling products across multiple channels, and opens up exciting new opportunities for product sellers.


We solve problems and flourish alongside people that share our values.

  • Strive – Be your best
  • Passionate – We care about customers
  • Innovate – Think outside in
  • Collaboration – We’re better together
  • Integrity – Do the right thing

Partner Program Overview

Partner Program Introduction

Our experts make supersized performance look easy. Sellers that engage experts perform 10x better than those who do it alone.

  1. Join the Expert partner program for free to be listed in our directory and/or app store (as applicable) that’s seen by over 8,000 potential clients*
  2. Gain access to exclusive Cin7 networking opportunities and certifications to build your business
  3. Get customized rewards and ongoing benefits that support your model/needs

*To be considered for a listing in the directory Cin7 requires you to refer at least three shared customers. After meeting the requirements, you will be sent an invite to be listed in the Partner Directory. For the specific requirements, please reach out to your Partner Manager.

Partner Categories

Referral Partner

These partners refer leads to Cin7. Referral Partners perform the lead generation service role by providing leads for new clients to Cin7.

Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners or Certified Integrator (CI) partners recommend our product to their client base, but use the software implementation as a business opportunity to quickly grow their own revenue and profitability.
Certified Integrator partners also recommend our product to their client base but use the on-boarding project and other services (e.g. Cin7 integration with other systems) as a business opportunity. A Cin7 CI can perform three distinct service roles:

  • Lead generation: initial client qualification and lead registration
  • Sales: needs analysis, product demonstrations, solutioning, quoting and contract negotiation
  • Implementation: on-boarding and customer support
ISV Partner

ISV are technology systems providers serving SME markets with specialist professional services, business functions, cloud services, and/or application integration capabilities.

ISVs provide a solution, service, or an app that integrates into Cin7 (via API) and complements Cin7 functionality for Cin7 subscribers. ISVs may also do custom build and integration work via API protocols for external functionality, which is out of scope for Cin7. ISVs are expected to extend all support for their products and services directly to the customer which includes but not limited to quoting, delivering of services, and post-live support.

ISVs are eligible for referral commission if a lead is referred to Cin7 and the customer signs up with Cin7.

Community Guidelines

To ensure the best possible experience for all members participating in the Cin7 Partner Program, we have established guidelines for participation. These community guidelines are to 1be used in conjunction with all contracts and agreements provided and signed when joining the program.


We are thrilled to have you in the Cin7 Partner Program. We aim to cultivate a positive, rewarding experience that propels your business and clients to unimaginable success. To preserve and protect our partner community, we outline formal expectations, program benefits, and codes of conduct to make this the best program it can be. The following is what you can expect from Cin7 when joining the Partner Program (and what we expect from you!).

Business Best Practices

All partners will be opted in to all email communications in order to be in sync with all product and company updates. It is suggested to add the to your contact list in order for email communications not be filtered into the spam folder. If a partner opts out of Cin7 content, they will not receive any important updates, newsletters, and communications.

Partner Portal Conduct

The Cin7 Omni Partner Portal contains confidential information – appropriate use of the confidential and proprietary information should be treated as such. Partners are to be cognizant of the content they are able to share. All confidential information is labeled as such.

The Content & Resources tab in the Cin7 Omni Partner Portal is designed to educate new partners on Cin7 Omni workflows, integrations, and other software training. The factsheets, playbooks, whitepapers, at-a-glance documents, and guides are for internal use when noted, unlike the case studies, which we encourage you to share with your clients and network. All customer facing documents will be labeled as such.

All customer leads from any partner should be logged in the Cin7 Partner Portal (for both Core and Omni). This allows for tracking of the leads and assistance from our internal teams. If you need any assistance, please contact your Partner Manager. Please note: you must register all leads in the Cin7 Partner Portal to be eligible for commission.

Professional Conduct

It is expected that all members of our community are to treat others with respect in regards to gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, disability, inappropriate or harassing photos and filming, physical content, and unwelcome sexual attention.

All members of the partner program should treat Cin7 employees, third-party affiliates, and other partners within the Cin7 partner ecosystem with respect and understanding of mutual goals and interests.

Consequences of Violating Guidelines

Violation of the Community Guidelines by any member will not be tolerated. The consequences of violating the Community Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Alert – The company point of contact will receive a written email with formal warning outlining the terms in which the Community Guidelines were violated. From which, there will be outlined options for continuing the partner relationship.
  2. Revision – Removal of content and/or addressing the violation appropriately.
  3. Removal – If the above actions are not appropriately addressed, removal from the partner program pages, partner directory or integration listings, customer referrals, and partnership will be immediately enacted.
    • In severe instances, commission being paid or payable (current or future) will cease immediately.

The above consequences are guidelines, but all concerns will be addressed on a case by case basis by the Global VP of Partnerships, Michelle Calkins, and the regional Partner Manager. Any and all of the above consequences can and will be taken dependent upon the severity of the case.

Raising Concerns and Reporting

If you witness a violation of the Partner Community Guidelines or have other concerns, please notify your Partner Manager or email (Cin7) as soon as possible.

Welcomed Partner Activity

We encourage our partners to be a part of the Cin7 community. The Cin7 partner and customer community is to be built and based off of our core values

  • Strive – Be your best
  • Passionate – We care about customers
  • Innovate – Think outside in
  • Collaboration – We’re better together
  • Integrity – Do the right thing

We encourage clear and open communication while building trust between our partners and customers.

Partnership Announcement

We are so excited you are our partner and we want to help spread the word. It is encouraged to announce your partnership with the Cin7 Brand Family. Please alert your partner manager you will be posting/sharing the word so we can collectively participate in the celebration. We ask our partners to ensure proper use of our logo(s), and accurate descriptions and comments on Cin7’s capabilities and mission. It is best practice to receive feedback on messaging regarding your partnership with us from your partner manager.

Product Information

All partners should have detailed product knowledge of the Cin7 product in which services they provide.

Customer Outreach

Cin7 is dedicated to opening up exciting new opportunities for our customers and removing barriers so our customers can focus on what matters most instead of operational pain points. Communication to our customer base should only be of the highest quality and benefit to their inventory management software needs.

Right to Promote: Cin7 grants the Partner the right to promote the Software to Prospects at the Partners’ cost and on the basis set out in this Agreement.

Promotion: In consideration of the Parties granting each other the right to promote the Software and the Solution, then each Party agrees to actively promote to potential Subscribers in accordance with this Agreement and at its own cost.

Promotion by: Each Party may, from time to time, promote the other on their website and involve each other in its campaigns and trade events.

Promotional material: Each party may, from time to time, provide to each other promotional material but is under no obligation to do so.

Promotion material: Each Party may create its own promotional material or use promotional material provided by the other. Any promotional material created, and any statements or representations made by the Software, Solution and Combined Solution must be:

  • true, accurate and complete;
  • made in accordance with the law and applicable codes of practice;
  • consistent with any promotional material, technical documentation or information provided by each other; and
  • approved by each Party in writing prior to any use of that promotional material.

No representations or warranties: Neither Party may make or purport to make any representations, warranties, or statements on behalf of the other unless agreed in writing.

Use of the Marks and Brand: Subject to each Party acting in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, each party authorizes the other to use their marks, brand and logo in promotional material and on their website for the purpose of promoting the Combined Solution to potential Subscribers. Where the other Party uses the other’s marks, brand and logo the other Party must ensure that it matches the marks, brand and logo displayed on each other’s website and follow any brand guidelines notified to each other from time to time.
Partners are not to contact prospects without a formal introduction from your Cin7 Partner Manager. This is to prevent any undesired communications.

For specific guidance on customer outreach, please refer to your signed Partner Agreement.

Discouraged Partner Activity

Cin7 is committed to building a mutually beneficial community that encourages and supports our partners to achieve their business goals and provide value to our customers.

Demeaning Speech About Cin7 Products

Cin7 encourages partners to become immersed in our products and help us reach our goal of providing the best IMS solution on the market for product sellers. We welcome private, constructive feedback with the goal to enhance product features and improve user experience. Our partners have a unique, confidential view and influence into our product roadmap which requires discretion in public facing materials. Cin7 does not permit public dissemination of criticism and negative feedback from partners while a part of the partner program. Demeaning speech in public facing blogs, social media posts, website posts, and any other consumer-facing platforms or mediums is prohibited. Violation of this will result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Consequences of Violating Guidelines, in the Expectations section of this document.

Product Information

All partners should have detailed product knowledge of the Cin7 product in which services they provide.

Marketing Assets

Logo Usage

Our partners are highly encouraged to list our logos on their integrations and partner pages. In order to be listed on our website or directory, placement of our logo is required in locations on our partner sites and collateral. Partners are discouraged from using our logos and brand on unapproved co-marketing activities and it is best practice to use our logo according to the brand guidelines in any context (social media, PR announcements, blog posts, etc.).

Cin7 Brand Kit

Link to Brand Guidelines and Brand Kit

Co-Marketing at Cin7

One of the most exciting benefits of being a Cin7 partner is the opportunity to co-market to serve more product sellers and grow your business. Co-marketing at Cin7 is designed to craft valuable and useful content for our joint audiences by sharing the responsibilities and benefits that are involved in marketing campaigns. Before any co-marketing takes place, it is required that partners meet the eligibility requirements to pursue the requested activity, receive approval from their partner manager, and partner marketing team. No co-marketing activities should be without approval and review from Cin7 and the product family partner team.

Examples of co-marketing opportunities (not limited to):

  • Joint webinars
  • Templates
  • Tracking tools
  • Executive quotes
  • Educational content
  • Guest blog posts
  • Ebook contributions
  • Cin7 Application Partner Listing
  • Cin7 Expert Directory Listing
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletter Inclusion(s)

Cin7 can supplement and/or lead co-marketing efforts. Our main goal is
to create educational and thought-leadership materials that serve product sellers to enhance their inventory management practices and tool set. If your team has the expertise and resources to work with us on a co-marketing campaign please review the requirements section and reach out to your partner manager.


Cin7 has in-house staff who can provide technical support, on-boarding, and key account management to the partner and clients. We can, in certain cases, also provide onsite professional services for consultation. This partnership approach yields stronger relationships, increased customer referrals, and improved customer satisfaction.
Please note that, as a partner, you are not permitted to share your Partner Managers contact information with your customers in regards to support tickets. If you need a ticket to be escalated, you may let your Partner Manager know, but please keep in mind that the Partner Managers are not support staff and cannot assist in technical help for your customers. If you are engaging your Partner Manager for an escalation on a customer’s ticket, please provide the ticket number(s) in question and a short description of the issue for quicker resolution.

Cin7 Omni Support — Onboarding Customers

  1. In the US region, partners are assigned a Cin7 Omni onboarder for their projects. Onboarders will support customers.
  2. During onboarding use

Cin7 Omni Support - Live Customers

  1. Cin7 Omni Partner Support –
  • Please do NOT reply to an old, closed support ticket, as you will receive an email bounce with instructions to resubmit. Tickets should provide as much information as possible, including screenshots where applicable.

Cin7 Core Support

  1. Submit a Support Ticket 
    • Support tickets are assigned to a support lead who then reviews the ticket, leaves notes and assigns it to a support agent. If the person submitting the ticket exists in the Cin7 Core CRM as a partner, then the support ticket is tagged as partner ticket and given priority by the agent. There is no dedicated partner support agent.
  2. Live Chat Support is available through the main page of our website.
  3. Cin7 Core Support –
    • You can send an email to our support team and they will create the ticket rather than lodging a formal ticket.

Training and Resources

Cin7 Partner Portal

The Cin7 Partner Portal ( allows partners to have sales and marketing resources, fact sheets, and other collateral at their fingertips. This portal is also where deal registration and management takes place. If you have issues logging in, reach out to

Cin7 Partner University

The Cin7 Partner Enablement team offers Certification tracks to become a certified Implementation or Referral Partner. Find out more information and sign up here. Reach out to your Partner Manager or for more details.

Cin7 Omni

Cin7 Omni Academy

Cin7 Omni Academy is a comprehensive certification platform, featuring expertly taught courses that cover all aspects of Cin7 Omni. To sign up for Cin7 Omni Academy, please reach out to to get signed up. This will automatically register you for the Partner Onboarding Curriculum.

Our Academy includes dozens of hours of Cin7 Omni training videos, including how-to’s for each module. Once you are registered, you will have access to all of the courses. The courses are divided into sections to make the learning easier, and there are a total of 50 sections in the Partner Onboarding Curriculum. There is a short evaluation quiz at the end.

You will need a Sandbox account to accompany Cin7 Omni Academy. Please contact your Partner Manager for more information.

If you need additional training beyond the academy, we can offer zoom sessions at $150/hour. Please contact your partner manager for availability.

Cin7 Core