Blog Cin7 The road ahead: CEO Ajoy Krishnamoorthy on the future of Cin7
26 March, 2024

The road ahead: CEO Ajoy Krishnamoorthy on the future of Cin7

By Ajoy Krishnamoorthy

I am deeply honored to lead Cin7 into its next chapter. I would especially like to extend my gratitude to David Leach, who has led the company through an exciting period of growth as Cin7’s CEO over the past four years. 

Cin7 empowers over 8,000 product sellers worldwide to take advantage of Connected Inventory Performance and grow. Moving forward, we see Cin7 as an intelligent commerce platform that goes beyond inventory management and provides a broader solution that helps sellers drive real progress. With that in mind, I’m excited to share our vision of the future for Cin7.

Empowering customer growth

At Cin7, our goal remains the same: to make selling products as easy as buying them. We’re committed to figuring out how to democratize innovation and give small and medium businesses the sophisticated tools they need to grow. This can be expanding into a new market, like KARRICO or increasing growth like Royal Essence.

We will continue to provide our customers with a platform that creates true value. To do that, we go straight to the source– our customers. We have an amazing Customer Advisory Council, and we’re constantly listening to their feedback and going to them for advice. Understanding our customers’ businesses enables us to build the right product.

Maintaining a strong partner ecosystem

Before coming to Cin7, I spent a significant part of my career at Microsoft and Acumatica, which have extensive partnership programs. This gave me a genuine appreciation for a strong partner ecosystem. 

At Cin7, we know that partnerships are key to our customer’s success. We have an amazing set of partners that help provide our customers with value whether it’s accounting, advanced analytics, shipping, or marketing platforms. We will continue to invest in the thriving partner ecosystem we’ve built across resellers, implementation partners, strategic partners including Shopify, Amazon, Intuit and Xero, and our over 300+ ISVs.

wheel of all Cin7's tech partners

Leveraging a high-performance employee culture

Culture is at the core of Cin7, and we’re proud to be listed as a best place to work in Denver and Sri Lanka and to be named NZ’s 2023 Hi-Tech Company of the Year. We have a truly diverse company with organizations in seven geographies! This is one of our key strengths as it allows us to provide for our customers all around the globe.

Looking at Cin7’s future, I take inspiration from what Frank Slootman said in his book, Amp It Up. Slootman talks about how performance compounds itself when you start with your people. Once you have the right people you play to each person’s unique strengths and give them the tools they need to succeed. That’s what we’re doing and will continue to do at Cin7.

Moving beyond inventory management to intelligent commerce

I spent much of 2023 speaking with our customers to better understand the changes and challenges they’re weathering. Many times, sellers were dealing with issues that went beyond inventory management, such as raising capital or maintaining their workforce. 

As an aspiring intelligent commerce platform, I believe it is our responsibility to find solutions to as many of these roadblocks as possible. By paying close attention to our customers’ pain points and looking beyond the traditional limitations of an inventory management system, we can continue to build a platform that empowers sellers to achieve Connected Inventory Performance and scale their businesses.

Stop managing your inventory.
Start connecting it.