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10 July, 2024

Our new ISV partners

Here at Cin7 we know that strong partnerships are vital to our customers’ success. We are so grateful to have such a robust partner ecosystem. With the first half of 2024 coming to a close we want to welcome a new group of exceptional partners to the Cin7 partner family


Settle is an all-in-one platform for all things payments, you can easily pay vendors, and manage purchase orders and invoices.

Cin7 and Settle have partnered to bring the first embedded vendor payment solution to Core users. Now you can “Pay with Settle” to seamlessly pay your vendor bills without leaving your workflow. On the Settle app, your operations and finance teams can collaborate effectively to prevent overpayments and fraudulent invoices with automatic 3-way PO matching to instantly compare purchase orders, item receipts, and bills.


Windcave consolidates payments through a single provider. Their services span online, in-store, and unattended environments, boasting features such as global acquiring, tokenization, data insights, cross-border services, and support for all popular payment methods.

The collaboration between Windcave and Cin7 enables businesses to offer more payment options, catering to customer preferences across different sales environments. It ensures seamless synchronization between payment processing and inventory management systems, keeping sales and stock levels accurate with every transaction.


ApprovalMax is a cloud-based platform that integrates with Cin7 Core to enhance internal financial controls, security, and efficiency. It brings finance and procurement teams together by automating approval workflows for inventory related purchase orders.

Connecting ApprovalMax to Cin7 Core streamlines accounts payable by automating approval workflows that pull purchase orders directly from Cin7 Core, Xero, or QuickBooks Online, then send them to relevant stakeholders for approval. This integration allows users to approve everything in one place, enhancing organization and auditing capabilities.


Synder consolidates data from various platforms, effectively eliminating manual data entry and simplifying accurate online sales and subscription bookkeeping and reporting along with streamlining the reconciliation process. 

The Cin7-Synder integration allows users to track inventory across platforms in real time, record external payment processing fees and payouts, and match ecommerce orders with payment providers, automatically closing invoices in your accounting system. It accurately records taxes from ecommerce platforms, maintains tax splits by state and agencies, and syncs withheld taxes to the books.


Crstl is a cutting-edge SaaS application and platform that was founded to eliminate EDI workflow bottlenecks. It seamlessly connects merchants to an extensive network of retailers, distributors, ERPs, WMSs, and more, – enabling them to grow their business with ease, reliability, and automation.

The unified power of Cin7 and Crstl can save up to two hours per order on manual data entry, reduce errors by automating purchase orders, shipment notices, and invoices, and automate fulfillment data creation in Cin7.

Amazon Business

Amazon Business offers a powerful solution for streamlining procurement processes, combining familiar Amazon features with robust management controls and analytics. Through integration with Cin7, B2B businesses can enhance their operational efficiency by simplifying order and inventory management, improving delivery success rates, and enhancing order tracking by including purchase order numbers on shipping labels. 

This partnership enables companies to reduce costs, increase accuracy, and boost customer satisfaction by leveraging shared warehousing, implementing precise order tracking, and assisting sellers with business-hour delivery rate compliance.

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