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21 November, 2023

Automate Sales Tax With the Cin7 Core + Avalara Integration

If you run a product business, breaking into new markets and increasing sales are key growth goals. But, reaching customers in different areas comes with its own set of challenges, such as sales tax compliance.     

If you do manual sales tax calculations, you’ll need to work countless hours and stay up to date on tax laws for different products and jurisdictions. But if you’d rather spend your time and effort on keeping your products moving, cloud-based solutions like Avalara can automate and simplify many sales tax-related tasks. 

At Cin7, we know it’s easiest to keep on top of sales taxes when you have all the information you need in one place. With Cin7 Core’s Avalara integration, you can leverage Avalara’s automation within our one-stop inventory management solution.

About Avalara

Avalara provides software that helps businesses of all sizes in 95 countries, including the United States and Canada, ensure sales tax compliance. Reputable companies like Netflix and Zillow sit among the 30,000 customers who trust Avalara to handle their sales tax.  

At Cin7, we work with 400+ app partners to streamline your inventory management process, and our native, seamless integration with Avalara takes this one step further. 

Here’s how Cin7 and Avalara work together to improve the workflow of Cin7 Core customers.

How Avalara integrates with Cin7 Core

Avalara’s AvaTax fits right into Cin7 Core — you don’t need to configure it. That means you can integrate AvaTax with Cin7 Core in minutes.  

Once your integration is complete, you can get sales tax information the moment transactions are captured in Cin7 Core, reducing manual work and empowering you to:

  • Calculate sale taxes for different regions in one place
  • Handle tax-free sales
  • Transfer sales tax information to your accounting integrations, such as QuickBooks Online
  • Simplify sales tax filing

Tax calculations in one place

When you combine Cin7 Core and Avalara, you can easily calculate sales taxes within Cin7 Core.

Avalara can help you determine your sales tax nexus — the connection between a state and a seller that requires them to pay sales tax in the state — so you’ll know your obligations for collection and remittance in different states.

Handle tax-free sales and various product tax rates

In the United States, sales tax intricacies differ between states, and some organizations, such as nonprofits, are exempt from paying sales tax.  

Avalara provides free processing of exemption certificates so you can ensure full compliance. And with Cin7 Core’s Avalara integration, you can also configure your settings so that invoices will reflect when 0% sales tax is due.

Connect Avalara with Cin7 Core to sync tax information to accounting software

Selling products in different states means you must keep up with local tax laws and apply them accurately in sales invoices, which requires considerable time and effort. 

That takes your and your team’s focus away from other value-creating business operations and leaves you at risk of overpaying taxes or being non-compliant. 

With the Avalara and Cin7 Core integration, you can streamline your invoicing process and achieve peace of mind knowing that you’re managing your sales tax accurately and efficiently. 

Cin7’s Connected Inventory Performance enables you to get more value from Avalara’s sales tax information within Cin7 Core. Once your sales tax information is in Cin7 Core, you can sync it to accounting integrations like QuickBooks Online and Xero to keep everything in check.

Simplify tax filing

The Cin7 Core and Avalara integration lets you easily sync sales from Cin7 Core and all sales channels to your Avalara software, which is particularly helpful when reporting sales tax and filing time comes around. 

Cin7 Core and Avalara work together to simplify the time-sensitive and time-intensive sales tax processes tied to your product business and help reduce human error.

Optimize operations with Cin7’s Connected Inventory Performance

At Cin7, we continue to expand our range of integrations, helping you bring together every technology solution that benefits your product business.

These integrations eliminate inefficiencies in your product workflow, so you can manage less and let your inventory work for you.  

To discover how Cin7 Core and Omni integrations have streamlined the inventory processes of 8,000+ customers, request a free personalized demo today.

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