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Streamline and automate your wholesale business

Manage wholesale, from sales through to shipping. Cin7’s centralised software connects you with your trading partners and 3PL providers globally.

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Control, track, report and grow your wholesale business with smarter processes

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B2B eCommerce is the new standard

Give wholesale customers the tools to order from you directly. Using Cin7 for B2B eCommerce gives your wholesale customers the ability to login directly, place orders and see inventory levels. This frees up staff time and resource, and improves order accuracy.

Cin7’s B2B eCommerce is simple to use and set up. With no extra fees, no reason exists why you can’t take your wholesale ordering online.

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Simple processes make it easy to create purchase orders for your wholesale business

Running out of stock? No problem

Understocking can cost just as much as overstocking. That’s why Cin7 makes reordering stock fast.

Cin7’s Smart Buyer module allows you to easily create purchase orders, even if your wholesale customer has ordered more stock than you have. This reduces your workload and helps you acquire more stock — faster.

Keep B2B customers happy

In business, speed is everything. Receiving accurate orders quickly reduces the risk of sending the wrong stock, and improves customer satisfaction.

Unifying all your processes means you have fewer moving parts in your organisation, and less chance for things to go haywire.

With Cin7’s B2B ordering, orders pass directly to warehouse staff via our Pick n Pack application. Stock levels are then automatically adjusted in real-time. Cin7 also reduces the amount of time spent dealing with data entry and manual processes, while improving the accuracy of your order systems.

B2B customers will be kept happy by the increased speed streamlined wholesale processes provide.

Next level wholesaling with Direct EDI and 3PL

EDI (electronic data interchange) connects you with larger trading partners. 3PL (third party logistics) is the low risk way of setting up warehouses for shipping. Cin7 helps you connect to big retailers and 3PL providers without spending thousands on costly integrations, opening up your wholesale to a world of opportunity.

Pick up and acknowledge orders using Direct EDI

Our prebuilt Direct EDI integrations enable you do business with your EDI-transacting trading partners.

Cin7 picks up big retailers’ secure orders, translates them and maps the data in Cin7 as an order. It then sends back a functional acknowledgement back to your trading partner.

Simplify wholesale business by connecting cin7 with your trading partners via edi

further streamline wholesale processes by integrating with 3PLs to work alongside EDI

Orders are fulfilled via your warehouse or 3PL provider

Once your EDI order has been received, it needs to be fulfilled. Cin7 helps simplify this process using our Pick n Pack module.

A Pick n Pack request is sent to your warehouse or 3PL provider which will fulfil the order. Once they’ve picked the order, Cin7’s Inventory Management system is updated. Once they’ve picked the order, Cin7’s Inventory Management system is updated. An ASN (advanced shipping notice) can then be sent to your trading partner, and SSCC (serial shipping container code) labels to your 3PL provider.

Wholesalers love Cin7’s built-in EDI and 3PL integration

logos of large trading partners Cin7 can help you sell to via EDI

Low cost integrations with large retailers and suppliers

Cin7 has prebuilt technology that helps you sell into and transact with trading partners around the world via EDI.

Setting up EDI through a third party can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. The result is often an unreliable connection that can cause problems in the future. Cin7 has trusted connections with a support team that’s on-call.

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Even with outsourced warehousing, you'll still have real-time visibility over your stock

Retain real-time stock visibility while outsourcing your warehouse

Warehouses are expensive and risky investments. Outsourcing your warehouse to a 3PL provider has introduced a new dynamic.

3PL providers allow you to store stock in multiple locations, without the fixed overhead cost of running a warehouse. Cin7 helps link your Inventory Management system directly to the 3PL providers’ Inventory in real-time. That means you don’t need to spend thousands setting up costly integrations.

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Coffee connoisseur brews perfect blend using Cin7 Inventory Management

See how Cin7 has helped Wolff Coffee Roasters sustain the growth of its retail and wholesale operations

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