Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions and Product Suitability

Is Cin7 suitable for retailers?

Yes. Cin7 lets you manage inventory and orders for brick-and-mortar stores, websites, showroom/experience retail, and pop up stores. 

We pack in a lot of features in our built-in POS system, integrate with all major ecommerce platforms and provide support for omnichannel features like click and collect.  

With Cin7, you can manage inventory and orders across multiple store locations, and use our POS system with an unlimited number of cash registers. You can also set minimum/maximum inventory rules to replenish stores from your warehouse, route orders and transfer stock between stores.

Read more about our retail features and benefits here

Is Cin7 suitable for wholesalers and distributors?

Yes. Cin7 offers a lot of functionality specifically developed to meet the inventory control and fulfillment requirements of B2B brands. Cin7 allows you to create pricing tiers, volume discounts, special promotions, and quotes that can be turned into sales orders in a single click. 

Our built-in B2B Ecommerce feature allows your retail customers to manage their accounts, online, make secure payments, place repeat orders and find information about your products.

Our many retail integrations come with built-in EDI allowing vendors to simplify and automate order fulfillment for their big retail customers, including Amazon, in a single solution, without the need for a third-party provider.

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Can I use Cin7 in my manufacturing business?

Yes. Cin7 includes features for production job management and component inventory management. Cin7’s production management features include multi-level bills of material, automatic production job creation based on inventory levels, and create production jobs from sales orders. Read more here.

Is Cin7 suitable for multinational business? 

Yes. Cin7’s 3PL integrations and unique accounting features allow you to manage orders in overseas markets and buy and sell in different currencies. Cin7 also tracks freight and import duties for accurate cost calculation, and it tracks state, local and national sales tax, as well. 

Is Cin7 suitable for any particular industry?

Cin7 customers come from a wide range of industries. However, unique features, including the color-size grid, alternative UOMs and batch tracking, make Cin7 ideal for specific industries including fashion, food and beverage, beauty and cosmetics, electronics and appliances, furniture and homeware, sports and recreation, and general merchandise

Check out our case studies to learn how customers from different industries benefit from Cin7.

Please note that Cin7 is not recommended for restaurants, hospitality or rental services.

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Inventory Management and Order Management

Can I use Cin7 to manage inventory with size variations?

Yes. Cin7’s color-size grid is a feature unique among inventory management systems. It helps simplify inventory management for fashion brands, eliminating the need to create a separate SKU for every variation of the same product. 

Can I track inventory when I buy and sell products in different units of measure?

Yes. Cin7’s alternative units of measure functionality allow you to track inventory as you buy products or component stock in one unit of measure and sell products or finished goods in another. You can assign a base unit to a product and set cin7 to automatically convert to an alternative unit of measure in a purchase order or sales order. 

Read more about alternative units of measure here.

Does Cin7 track batch numbers?

Yes. Cin7 gives you multiple stock control options for every product in your inventory. Specify the stock control method you wish to use when you create a product in Cin7. With this option, you can track products by production batches, especially useful for quality control in food and beverage distribution.

Can I track product expiration dates in Cin7?

Yes, Cin7 can be set up with a custom expiration date field for stock that you track in production batches.

Does Cin7 track inventory with serial numbers?

Yes. You have the option to select serial numbers as your stock control method when you add products to Cin7.

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Can I use Cin7 to manage production jobs in contract manufacturing?

Yes. Cin7 can be set up to manage workflows when you outsource production to a contract manufacturer. Use Cin7 to purchase component inventory, arrange production jobs and transfer finished goods to your warehouse.

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