Frequently asked questions

Cin7 is a comprehensive inventory management solution with built-in POS, warehouse and B2B features. If you have questions about what our cloud-based software can do, and who can use it, this is your best place to start.

General questions and product suitability

This is our most commonly asked question - so we put together an article to help you truly understand the features of each product to help determine what might be the best solution for you. Find out more here or contact a member of our team to talk it out with them!
Cin7 works great for retailers, we support an omnichannel use case that can encompass retail, e-commerce, manufacturing and wholesale. Cin7 makes selling as easy as buying. In Core and Omni, you can create new sales for your customers and purchase orders for more stock. You can also have ecommerce integrations (e.g. Shopify or Amazon), a B2B website, and Point of Sale (POS)!
Cin7 is a great fit for wholesalers and distributors. We have solutions in place to help wholesale distribution sell more products, faster. Such as the B2B Portal.
We have a B2B website for both Omni and Core that helps sell your products to other businesses. In Omni, our native EDI and 3PL integrations empower you to operate at a larger scale.
Cin7 Core can support a range of complex manufacturing processes, including multi-level bills of material (BOMs) and production jobs. Cin7 Omni supports a more simplified manufacturing process. Contact our sales team to learn more about which product is the better fit.
Cin7 is a great fit for multinational businesses. We can support all major currencies when selling and purchasing. Both Core and Omni support a range of multi-byte characters and Core offers multilingual support.

Inventory management and order management

Yes, we offer size grids, per size barcodes and sync variants with ecommerce/marketplace variants.
Yes, we make this effortless with our Additional Units of Measure functionality.
Absolutely (serial numbers too!)
Yes! This is a native functionality in Cin7.


Cin7 Core supports both partial and full contract manufacturing - aka outsourced manufacturing. Whether you have a 3rd party contracted manufacturer who provides only 1 step of the production process or does the entire production, Cin7 can support your workflow needs. Cin7 Omni allows you to purchase additional users for your Contract Manufacturers to login to Cin7 for limited visibility and functionality.
Yes! With our Advanced Manufacturing capabilities in Cin7 Core, you can track not only the components required, but also the labor and machines needed to complete the production jobs. Cin7 can help with the planning and scheduling of production based on resource (labor and machine) availability.


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