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How well can you know your customers?

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Can we know what a customer wants before they’re even aware of it? A recent experiment suggests its possible. And one day this kind of ...

Are you ready for the season of returns?

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As Christmas quickly approaches, our hearts turn to the real meaning of the season. Holiday gift returns, to be blunt. Thanks to the growth of ...

5 things we learned from the “retail apocalypse”

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Has the smoke cleared around this whole retail apocalypse business? Apparently so, going by a recent report. So far this year in the US, store ...
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The most recent Cin7 updates and fixes

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Here's a round up of the most recent additions and improvements to Cin7. We have a couple new integrations, in case you missed them. And ...
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3 keys to making B2B eCommerce more appealing

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A generation of buyers is bringing its online habits to work with them. More and more are shopping online for your products. Wholesalers have to ...