Recent Product Updates and Fixes

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Here are changes, upgrades and fixes we made between mid-April and mid-May. Remember, you can keep up-to-date on product news on our help page. And ...

When Retail Success Hinges on Technology

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Maybe it’s selection bias, but everywhere we look, we see technology driving retail success. Yes, technology here is used in its broadest sense. But whether ...

Why is Adobe Buying an eCommerce Platform?

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Last week, Adobe announced it would purchase Magento. What was behind the media company’s move to buy this eCommerce platform for $1.8 billion? From one ...

When is Outsourcing to 3PLs the Right Call?

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A lot of retailers and wholesalers outsource to a 3PL at a pivotal stage in their growth. Whether it’s a startup eCommerce company, a growing ...

Cin7 a FrontRunners Quadrant Leader Again

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Cin7 once again made the Leader category in the most recent FrontRunners Inventory Management Software quadrant. Based largely on user ratings, the Quadrant reflects that ...