Trade globally with inbuilt Direct EDI integrations

Instead of building costly EDI connections, use Cin7’s Direct EDI integrations.
Connect with major retailers worldwide and sell more.

Inbuilt Direct EDI is flexible and reliable

Using third party software, instead of Direct EDI, can be rigid and may not perform as expected.

With fewer links in your supply chain, Direct EDI gives more flexibility.

Cin7 controls how data flows via EDI into your account. You’re left with a reliable connection where inventory and order management data is mapped correctly first time. That means less work for you.

Using direct EDI connections you can link Cin7 with Large Retailers and Suppliers
Diagram showing Cin7 Linking Direct EDI Orders with 3PL fulfilment

Combine EDI with your chosen 3PL provider

Using Cin7’s built-in 3PL integrations, combine EDI with your chosen 3PL provider so you can sell into big retailers and fulfil orders.

Cin7’s direct integrations with EDI and 3PL reduce setup costs and provide accurate data translation. Now your business can use an integrated fulfilment solution to expand and grow, without restrictions.

Let big retailers order directly from you

Bigger retailers can order stock by automatically sending you purchase orders via EDI. Your Cin7 account will pick up the order and translate it for you without the need to use a third party provider.

View our EDI partners
Logos of some retailers that you can connect with using Cin7's direct EDI
Using systems connected via EDI you save costs by reducing data entry

Save on paper and cost

Stop relying on paper-based transactions and manual data entry. Cin7’s Direct EDI streamlines complex processes, giving you time to focus on other areas.

Secure systems cut mistakes

Data only passes between two secure systems, which reduces transactional errors.

How Direct EDI works

Pick up and acknowledge orders using Direct EDI

Cin7 creates a direct integration with trading partners that transact via EDI. Cin7 picks up and translates their secure orders, and maps the data into Cin7. Finally, we send back an acknowledgement to your trading partner.

Diagram showing the DIrect EDI between Cin7 and a Trading Partner

Diagram showing the EDI orders being fulfiled by 3PL and ASN sent back to Trading partner

Orders are fulfilled via your warehouse or 3PL provider

Once your EDI order has been received, it needs to be fulfilled. Cin7 also simplifies this process.

A Pick n Pack request is passed to your warehouse or 3PL provider, which will fulfil the order. Once they’ve picked the order, your inventory is updated. An advanced shipping notice (ASN) can then be sent to your trading partner, and serial shipping container code (SSCC) labels provided to your 3PL provider.

Powerful software for infinite growth

Migrating systems to keep up with the growth of your business can be frustrating and costly.

With Cin7 the option to add integrations like EDI and 3PL ensures your software will painlessly scale to meet your business growth.

Using Electronic Data Interchange you can build relationships and grow by working with bigger trading partners
Get support for your Inventory, POS, Warehouse, EDI and 3PL connections in one place

Real people to guide you through it

Multiple pieces of software, linked by third party integrations are a nightmare to troubleshoot. You’ll find yourself bouncing back and forth between support teams.

Cin7 looks after all your connections and the software they plug into. You only need to deal with one support team, which already has access to all the data required to troubleshoot any integration issues.

More Direct EDI Features

  • Automatically receives EDI orders
  • Full messaging compliance

  • Connect in minutes
  • Key notification alerts

  • SSCC label generation
  • 3PL support