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Never mind your competitors. Your biggest rival is the rising customer demand for a true eCommerce experience

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Reduce errors with B2B eCommerce Solution

Mistakes are costly, so slash the step in the ordering process where most occur. Letting your customers order directly on your B2B platform makes miscommunication less likely.

B2B eCommerce ordering is better because stock information is always up-to-date and ordering is faster.

  • Replaces phone, email and physical ordering
  • Eliminate data entry errors

Your out of the box store

  • No setup required
  • Products automatically appear and update from Cin7

  • No hosting costs
  • Custom branded URL, store, emails, labels and invoices

Screenshot of a wholesale ordering website showing the promotions engine

Custom pricing and products

Assign your customer an individual portal that features their unique pricing levels, transaction history and products.

Run multiple B2B promotions

Increase your sales by creating multiple promotions for your B2B customers.

Add variants to your cart

It’s a faster way to order, and perfect for items that have multiple options, varying in colour and size.

Help customers reorder easily

Customers can track their order history and see what stock is available, for easy reordering when they are running low.

See the product ordering grid, designed to make placing wholesale orders online quicker and easier
B2B ecommerce allows you to take orders 24/7

Take wholesale orders 24/7

Even if you’re closed for business, keep accepting orders

Your wholesale website allows users to see their individual pricing

Customer access control

Allow purchases based on login privileges and registration approval

B2B ecommerce includes multi currency support so you can operate globally

Expand your wholesale business

Trade overseas in your preferred currencies

More B2B eCommerce Platform features

  • Content management
  • Freight calculations

  • Key payment integrations
  • Multi-currency support

  • Security options
  • Mobile friendly