30 April, 2019

Cin7 Rebranding Illustrates Forward-Thinking Omnichannel Vision

Cin7 Rebranding Illustrates Forward-Thinking Omnichannel Vision

“For us, the rebranding is, one, finding our identity and, two, it’s fulfilling the promise that we set out at the beginning of the journey. We’ve been building the product over time, but we hadn’t quite finished it until recently,” says Company Founder and Chief Architect Danny Ing.

The new look includes a revamped logo featuring a heptagon in YInMn Blue, the inorganic ultra-blue pigment created accidentally in a university lab in 2009, the first new blue since the discovery of cobalt blue in 1802. This “new tech blue” represents experimentation, innovation and efficiency. Because of its stability and heat-deflecting properties, the manganese-based compound has been used to manufacture energy-saving cool coatings. Likewise, Cin7’s goal is to save customers time and boost supply-chain efficiency through “extreme integration and extreme automation.”

Cin7’s journey began in 2012, when Danny decided to reposition his web design business, Datum Connect, to address the growing inventory management needs of his retail clients. Thus Cin7, short for “connected inventory” and the seven multichannel trends he saw unfolding at the time, was born. On top of symbolizing these seven touchpoints of sales connectivity, such as online ordering, in-store pickup and comparison shopping via mobile app, the heptagon appealed as an unusual shape compared to the more common pentagon or hexagon.

“When we started building the product, we didn’t use the term ‘omnichannel,’ though it was in fact what we were striving for. So now we feel we need to come out with more attitude and be clear about our identity: who we are as a company, what we’re trying to achieve. We’re still inventory and point of sale,” he says, “but we want to be the number-one omnichannel ERP. We want to be the system with the most omnichannel functionality of any system in the world.”

To that end, Cin7 features an unrivaled host of built-in omnichannel workflows: click and collect, ship from store, showroom retail fulfillment, and customer loyalty points and gift cards that can be accrued and redeemed both online and in store. Cin7 has set the inventory software standard with core functionalities like built-in point of sale, warehouse management, automation and more than 450 integrations, including EDI (electronic data interchange) and third-party logistics, allowing retailers, wholesalers and vendors of any size to do business with trading partners around the world, across all channels.

Danny says the rebranding is the product of a change in software philosophy. “If you think about old ERPs, the software was designed how it was designed, and the user had to figure out how to use it. We wanted to create a more user-centric experience where each person has their own dashboard. For example, if you’re an accounts person, pretty much everything you need is on this one screen. We only put in what that person needs to see.”

He describes the new interface as clean, modern and easy to use, but he’s already thinking about ways to make the product even more useful. “The next pivot in software is that it does most of the work for you. It doesn’t make sense for software to be an interface for manual data entry. We want to automate everything, and if we can’t automate it, we want to create one interface for that user where all the functionality will come to that user as opposed to that user having to go to the functionality.”

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Cin7 is an all-in-one, cloud-based solution that provides real-time visibility, customizability and reporting for efficient inventory management across the supply chain. Cin7 includes built-in production, warehouse, POS and B2B eCommerce functionality along with a growing list of third-party integrations. Optimized for growing multichannel companies seeking robust inventory management at a fraction of the cost of a full ERP, Cin7’s “Connected Inventory” bridges the gap between suppliers and sales channels to deliver end-to-end supply chain control. Headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, Cin7 also has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom. To learn more, visit https://www.cin7.com//.

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