Bergen Logistics 3PL Integration with Cin7

How Cin7 integrates with Bergen Logistics

Cin7 integrates in the following way with Bergen Logistics:

  • Sale Orders – Sales orders to be fulfilled by 3PL.
  • Pick Notifications – A summary of what was actually picked per order.
  • Purchase Orders – Purchase orders to be stored by the 3PL.
  • Inwards Notifications – A summary of what was actually receipted per PO
  • Auto back-ordering –  If picking quantity is less than order quantity, a back-order is created in Cin7.
  • SSCC Labels (EDI) – Cin7 sends 3PL SSCC labels to attach to EDI orders.

Why should inventory and 3PL’s be connected?

Cin7 helps retailers and wholesalers make their complex omnichannel, omni-fulfilment and multinational business simple by providing an all-in-one cloud Inventory, POS, EDI and 3PL solution.

The key benefits of having an inventory solution and 3PLs connected include:

  • Greater stock visibility at the 3PL branch.
  • Stock accuracy, as all orders need to be processed through an inventory solution irrespective of how they are fulfilled.
  • Create purchase orders and send them directly to the 3PL.