Inventory Management for Sellers Using FBA

Sellers benefit when they let Amazon handle picking, packing, shipping and customer service. Cin7 integrates with FBA to give sellers single-platform visibility and control of Amazon orders.

Seamless Amazon Integration

Cin7 automates your Amazon Seller processes, syncing inventory and reducing admin tasks for faster fulfillment when you hold products in your own warehouses, 3PLs or retail stores.

Integrate FBA and Amazon Seller in One Solution

Eliminate redundant admin for multiple portals when you hold products in an Amazon distribution center. Cin7 brings FBA and Amazon Seller into one order and inventory management platform for streamlined operations and improved visibility.


Shipping Plans

Generate shipping plans directly from Cin7 when you create a purchase order or when you ship existing stock from a warehouse or other location.

Shipping Notification

Cin7’s Shipping Dashboard tells you when your shipment has been received in an Amazon Fulfillment center.

Order Status

When Amazon staff pick, pack and ship your order, Cin7 lets you know the product has been shipped. Your customers will know their order is on the way.

Multichannel Fulfillment

Cin7 lets you submit pick requests to an Amazon Fulfillment Center to fulfill orders you receive from other online marketplaces.

Fulfillment Options

Manage orders for products you hold in an Amazon distribution center and products you hold in another branch.

Product Availability

Cin7 keeps Amazon, and all your sales channels, up-to-date with actual product availability.