Inventory Management for Amazon Sellers

Amazon opens doors to a world of customers. Cin7 gives you the order automation and inventory control to manage Amazon as part of your omnichannel business.

Seamless Amazon Integration

Cin7 automates your Amazon Seller processes, syncing inventory and reducing admin tasks for faster fulfillment when you hold products in your own warehouses, 3PLs or retail stores.

Check out the benefits of integrating your Amazon Seller account with Cin7 below. Learn more about how Cin7 works with all Amazon channels.


Download Products

Import the products you sell on Amazon to Cin7. Manage your Amazon products as part of your overall inventory.

Automate Orders

When a customer makes a purchase on Amazon, Cin7 automatically sends the order to your warehouse or 3PL for fulfillment.

Location-Based Orders

Set rules to automatically send orders to the warehouse, 3PL or store closest to your Amazon customer. If the product isn’t there, Cin7 sends the order to where stock is available.

3PL Automation

Cin7 automatically downloads and sends orders to your 3PL and updates order status to Amazon when an order is picked.

Track Shipments

Use Cin7 to fulfill orders in your warehouse, manage shipments, and share order status and tracking codes with your Amazon customers.

Product Availability

Cin7 keeps your Amazon Marketplace channel up-to-date with actual product availability.