Order and Stock Management for Amazon Vendors

Becoming an Amazon Vendor shows you’ve won the confidence of Amazon and your customers. Cin7 secures that trust with the technology to fulfill Amazon orders accurately and on time.

Workflow Automation, Fast Fulfillment

It takes many steps for an Amazon Vendor to complete an order. Cin7 makes that workflow transparent and automates order processes, helping Amazon Vendors meet shipping deadlines.


Native EDI

Send and receive order data in real-time, eliminate redundant admin and cut out multiple middlemen. Native EDI means you only need to work with one vendor to manage and automate your Amazon Vendor orders.

Download Orders

Automatically download orders from Amazon and easily track each step in Cin7’s transparent EDI Dashboard.

Confirm Orders

The EDI dashboard shows you the steps you need to take to complete an order, prompting you to review orders and upload order confirmations to Amazon.

3PL Automation

Cin7 can automate pick request submissions to your 3PL provider, based on triggered events, eliminating manual administration.


Once an order is picked, the EDI Dashboard will show you the next steps to take, such as uploading an Advanced Shipping Notice and invoice.


Use the EDI Dashboard to allocate products to particular cartons and automatically include weight and dimensions in Advanced Shipping Notices.