Cin7’s Shopify Inventory Management Makes Managing eCommerce Orders A Breeze

Real-time stock control and visibility for your entire business. Cin7 brings your Shopify store together with all your sales channels, warehouses, accounting software and more. It's the platform that makes the omnichannel possible.

Benefits of Integrating Your Shopify Inventory With Cin7

Cin7 automatically updates your latest purchases, sales, and inventory values while providing a clear understanding of landed costs and gross profits.

Get Started Quickly

Import your Shopify products to Cin7 at the touch of a button.

Information Flows Automatically

Cin7 automatically downloads orders, customer details, and dispatch orders from Shopify, reducing your workload.

Never Sell Out Of Stock Products

Real-time updates mean when orders are dispatched in Cin7, your Shopify stock is automatically updated.

Allocate stock by selecting a branch

Update stock available to sell in Shopify from all your branches, or a specific branch.

Batch Shopify orders in a single transaction

For ease of reconciliation, batch all Shopify orders into a single transaction and import into Xero or QBO.