BigCommerce Inventory Management

This gives users a platform to build and customize eCommerce websites and to manage shipping, payments, and product listings across multiple marketplaces.

How Cin7 integrates with BigCommerce

Manage orders placed on your site as if it were another branch in your centralized inventory management platform. With Cin7’s Bigcommerce Inventory Add-on, you can:

  • Keep track of order status for all sales.
  • Record sales individually or as batch invoices in your accounting system.
  • Auto-dispatch orders or set the default branch for all orders and change manually before dispatch as required.
  • Set branch for an order based on the country in the delivery address.
  • Create an alternative general ledger account for new orders.
  • Easily organize and coordinate your customer contacts in Cin7.
  • Always let your customers know exactly what’s in and what’s not in stock.

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Why Cin7?

  • Get end-to-end supply chain integration and automation.
  • Your all-in-one inventory, POS, EDI, and 3PL solution.
  • Purpose-built to streamline and automate Cin7 processes.