BigCommerce Inventory Management

Manage stock and process orders on your BigCommerce website when you integrate with Cin7

BigCommerce connects you to customers with a customizable, flexible ecommerce platform.

Cin7 connects you with your inventory wherever you need it to go.

Get products to your customers' hands, wherever they are. Manage stock, shipping, purchases, reporting and so much more with Cin7 as you sell through BigCommerce and every sales channel. Cin7 inventory management and BigCommerce give you the resilience to meet today's challenges. These are just some of the benefits of using Cin7 with BigCommerce: 

  • Real-time stock visibility of BigCommerce and all sales channels
  • Track orders and update shipping status
  • Automated order downloads
  • Location-based fulfillment routing 
  • Batch-upload sales to accounting software  
  • Report sales to alternate general ledger accounts.
  • Easily organize and coordinate your customer contacts in Cin7.
  • Always let your customers know exactly what’s in and what’s not in stock.

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More About Cin7

Cin7 is connected inventory management, simplified. Cin7 includes built-in POS and warehouse features, extensive integration and automated processes.  

  • Get end-to-end supply chain integration and automation.
  • Your all-in-one inventory, POS, EDI, and 3PL solution.
  • Purpose-built to streamline and automate Cin7 processes.