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Reduce outstanding unpaid invoices

Manage accounts receivable

Manage accounts receivable

Give your customers a secure way to pay you that’s PCI-compliant. Your customers never share their credit card information with anyone except their payment solution.

Convert quotes to cash

Convert quotes to cash

Make your customers happy with faster, more efficient fulfilment. As soon as your customers pay you, Cin7 can automatically move their orders to the next stage of your supply chain.

Automate mobile and telephone order channels

Automate mobile and telephone order channels

Cin7’s Payment Portal gives you the flexibility to easily manage mail-order, telephone-order (MOTO) channels. It gives you the workflow automation you need to significantly reduce your operational costs.

Faster invoice payment

Faster invoice payment

When you email invoices with the Pay Now button, you give your customers a convenient way to quickly take care of their bills. In fact, 90% of invoices emailed using the Payment Portal get paid within the first 24 hours after a customer views the email.

Cin7 is one of the few off-the-shelf solutions supporting a business that does it all: <strong>multi-site retail, wholesale and online.</strong>

Cin7 is one of the few off-the-shelf solutions supporting a business that does it all: multi-site retail, wholesale and online.

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A better retail customer experience

Automation of payment workflows

Smoothly process payment approvals and authorizations.

Instant payment confirmation

Via email notification upon receipt of payment.

Track of payment processing

Gain greater visibility of process status for payments.

Improved quote speed

Immediate quote issuing into the payment system.

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