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Fast, efficient, and integrated EDI fulfillment

EDI dashboard

EDI dashboard

See every order at every stage. Easily track deadlines and quickly see what action to take next to complete an order.

Order cartonization and labelling

Order cartonization and labelling

Allocate to a single carton or multiple cartons of equal or varying quantities; include weight and dimensions in advanced shipping notices; print SSCC labels directly from an order.

Workflow automation

Workflow automation

Automate order downloads and set rules to automatically send advance shipping notices and invoices.

Set-up / mapping

Set-up / mapping

Cin7’s in-house EDI/3PL team sets up and tests integration with any of 100+ major retailers around the globe, and can map order workflows to any 3PL warehouse.

It’s gone from a whole day’s worth of work every week to maybe an hour in total. <strong>Cin7 has cut down the work considerably.</strong>

It’s gone from a whole day’s worth of work every week to maybe an hour in total. Cin7 has cut down the work considerably.

Ruth Townsend — Anova


Efficient, scalable wholesale business

Eliminate middlemen

Manage vendor channels without the need for third-party EDI providers.

Accurate fulfillment

Meet deadlines, reduce order errors and limit your risk of vendor chargeback penalties.

Visibility and control

Gain full visibility of all your EDI transactions and know what action to take to complete each order.

Outsourced warehousing

Ensure efficient EDI order workflows when you hold your inventory in one or more 3PL warehouses.


Common questions about built-in EDI

No. Cin7 builds EDI into its integrations with Amazon Vendor and major retailers around the world. Other inventory management systems and ERPs send you to a third-party provider to set up EDI integrations and synchronize orders with your stock. Cin7 does it all, in real-time. With Cin7, you only need one vendor for set-up and support.

Yes. By combining inventory management with ready-to-deploy EDI integration, Cin7 comes at a lower total cost of ownership compared with most ERPs and inventory management solutions. For most integrations, Cin7 tests your connections at no extra fee. You’ll get the EDI integration you need without the high set-up cost of an ERP and without the connectors required by other inventory management solutions.

Yes. Cin7’s in-house EDI team ensures orders flow to your 3PL warehouse the way you need them to. Cin7 handles all EDI transaction documents required to complete an order. Its integration with 3PLs streamlines and automates workflows, and makes your EDI processes transparent from download to dispatch.

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