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How to navigate the Unifying Operations stage of business growth
30 April, 2024

Unifying Operations (or unified business management) is the second business growth stage. Learn how to identify it and how to grow into the next stage.

Beyond Basics: The 1st stage of business growth
16 April, 2024

Beyond Basics is the first business growth stage. Learn how to identify this stage, what to focus on, and how Cin7 can help you grow into the next stage.

How consumerization in B2B is driving growth in sales
03 August, 2022

In today’s crowded space, businesses are doing what they can to grab and keep their customer’s attention. As a result, marketing has gotten much more personal. This trend began with B2C companies creating personalized, relatable content for their audiences, and...

Top 20 B2B apps to boost sales in 2022
25 July, 2022

To increase sales and beat competitors, you need the right technology. Apps that improve efficiency, like sales rep management tools, can boost your bottom line. But it can be a challenge to determine which sales apps are the best for...

5 essential elements of a great B2B digital marketing campaign
22 July, 2022

If you’re running a B2B business, you already know that B2B digital marketing is an essential component of a strong marketing plan.  But what makes a strong digital marketing plan? Here are the five key elements of a great digital...

7 Reasons why B2B businesses should use ecommerce
08 June, 2022

As a consumer who shops online, you are aware of the benefits that an ecommerce platform provides, including convenience, discounts, wider variety, and more. As a business owner, leveraging ecommerce can bring a plethora of benefits. Yet despite the documented...

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