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4 Things Brands Really need in Retail POS

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You're a bit spoiled for choice when it comes to retail POS. The question isn’t what the best hardware is but what the system behind ...
Inventory Management Software

3 Steps to Perfect Fulfillment for Growing Brands

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Let’s say you run a young fashion brand with an eCommerce website. For the first few years, you rarely miss an order. Then you add ...

3 Ways Good Inventory Management Improves Business

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Inventory management is critical to businesses that sell products online and in stores. Broadly speaking, it’s the processes and tools you use to keep track ...

How to Drop Ship Products with Cin7

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Retailers can make sales without the cost of carrying inventory when they drop ship from suppliers and manufacturers. Drop shipping really requires three things: a ...
Amazon Prime Inventory Management

3 Ways Marketplace Sellers Can Move More Inventory

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As a marketplace seller, there are several components to a sound growth strategy—one being inventory management. More specifically, how quickly you turn inventory. The key to ...