Cin7 is online software for companies that require enterprise level inventory and point-of-sale.

#1 Inventory and Point-of-sale System for
multi-store retail, fashion & apparel, furniture, flooring and wine distribution


Multi-store Retail

Distribution center warehouse functionality. Works online and offline giving you the best of both worlds. Powerful frontend and backend.

Fashion & Apparel

Color size grid, pre-orders, open to sell stock control, integrated retail POS and contract manufacturing.

Furniture & Showrooms

Take now, delivery later or pickup. Create floor sales. Transfer custom made-to-order sales order options to purchase orders.


Sell in multiple units such as square meters, cartons, pallets, rolls etc. Create floor sales and deliver later. On Account sales in POS.

Wine Distribution

Sell in bottles, cases and pallets. Unlimited branches, WET tax calculations and cellar door POS.

Importing & Wholesale

Simple and extremely accurate landed cost calculations. Allocate incoming purchase order stock to open sales orders.

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Avante Australia Pty Ltd and The Mattress Gallery Pty Ltd

Adam Ransley
Wholesaler of Bedding & Furniture Products
28 Oct 2014

Earlier in the year we wanted to make the transition away from MYOB across to a more intelligent, easier to use, feature rich product and were being directed (by our accountant) towards Xero. This of course needed a 3rd party inventory management system.

Going through the trial process of each of the companies it was quite clear that no one product was going to answer 100% of my needs (as seemingly simple as they were). Things like settlement discounts, GST flags per product on an invoice etc, seemed simple to me, but alas not.

I gave up fairly quickly on most other systems, but Cin7, although having a higher implementation cost, fit most of my needs and offered customization to fill most of the gaps. In fact, the only gap I can think of right now is the 3% early settlement discount which until Xero help facilitate the term/receipting process, Cin7 even have their hands tied.

Imho (as I have an IT background) I do believe Xero, and its partners are all going through a rapid development process and are scrambling to keep up with the needs of the masses. I have found Cin7 to be very responsive in my project, and very understanding of our business needs for which they try their best to accommodate. Cin7 met my expectation of project delivery and implementation for the costs incurred.

This isn't the cheapest inventory management solution on offer, however we now have a tight fit solution with many time saving, data accuracy, and better inventory control that we have ever had - combining which has easily positively returned on our investment.

Overall, we are very happy with our investment in Cin7 / Xero.

Dickie Direct

Charles Dickie
Importer of Quality Fertiliser Products
28 Oct 2014

Our company is new to the area of importing and the sales of goods. We have taken the approach to implement an inventory management system from day 1. We can see that where our business is headed in the future Cin7 will be able to incorporate everything we need.

As we are new to the industry our sales and purchasing structure has been simple to setup in Cin7 as we currently have limited products and suppliers. Cin7 has provided us a great base structure to run our supply and orders from and although at our current size we only use limited features that Cin7 offers we can see huge benefits in working with Cin7 to setup a system best suited for our company as we go through various development phases.

We highly recommend this system and as we have done recommend other companies implementing the system in the early days of trading as it provides a great platform to develop from.


Burke Marine

Mark Holman
Business ownership, Consulting, Executive Lease and Corporate Management
24 Oct 2014

I have been involved with inventory for many years across a wide range of national and internal corporations. During that time colleagues and I have mused "If only it could do this...or why does it do it this way, making us "slaves to the system". I haven't stopped smiling or laughing since I first saw Cin7. It's abundantly clear that people who really know the operational needs of a business have been involved in the creation of Cin7. It is written in layman's language with flow and uniformity of structure. The liberation from "enslvement to the system" to the "system serving us" is so empowering, so exciting and so future focused on creating winning businesses.

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