Cin7 is online software for companies that require enterprise level inventory and point-of-sale.

#1 Inventory and Point-of-sale System for
multi-store retail, fashion & apparel, furniture, flooring and wine distribution


Multi-store Retail

Distribution center warehouse functionality. Works online and offline giving you the best of both worlds. Powerful frontend and backend.

Fashion & Apparel

Color size grid, pre-orders, open to sell stock control, integrated retail POS and contract manufacturing.

Furniture & Showrooms

Take now, delivery later or pickup. Create floor sales. Transfer custom made-to-order sales order options to purchase orders.


Sell in multiple units such as square meters, cartons, pallets, rolls etc. Create floor sales and deliver later. On Account sales in POS.

Wine Distribution

Sell in bottles, cases and pallets. Unlimited branches, WET tax calculations and cellar door POS.

Importing & Wholesale

Simple and extremely accurate landed cost calculations. Allocate incoming purchase order stock to open sales orders.

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Burke Marine

Mark Holman
Business ownership, Consulting, Executive Lease and Corporate Management
24 Oct 2014

I have been involved with inventory for many years across a wide range of national and internal corporations. During that time colleagues and I have mused "If only it could do this...or why does it do it this way, making us "slaves to the system". I haven't stopped smiling or laughing since I first saw Cin7. It's abundantly clear that people who really know the operational needs of a business have been involved in the creation of Cin7. It is written in layman's language with flow and uniformity of structure. The liberation from "enslvement to the system" to the "system serving us" is so empowering, so exciting and so future focused on creating winning businesses. 


Westflex Pty Ltd

Kylie Draper
Quality Roof and Concrete Coatings
23 Oct 2014

We started out as a very small company over a decade ago with one office member, a director, chemist and a warehouse worker and have graduated to a medium size business with 3 office staff, a director, chemist, 4 warehouse staff, a delivery driver and a GM based in another state.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of building products and in the beginning our basic accounting and invoicing system along with an excel based production program sufficed but over the last couple of years as we have steadily grown this system was no longer practical and was actually costing us productivity and patience.

Looking into a better system, it seemed that most that met our requirements of being effective as a multi-user program and also tying in inventory and manufacturing held all the answers with an extremely big price tag and from feedback sometimes even bigger problems. We finally came across CIN7 and Xero and have not looked back since.

From the very beginning all the staff that we have dealt with at CIN7 have been friendly and professional and listened with open ears as to what exactly we wanted and needed from a new system. They understood we were also wrapping our heads around tying in two old systems to create one new coefficient system of accounting, inventory and manufacturing. With plenty of communication and thought, CIN7 provided us with the system we are now using today. We have only been actively using our new system for the last couple of months but we had been setting up this system with CIN7 since the end of last year. Both CIN7 and ourselves were in agreement that the more preparation involved in setting up the system, the easier the transition with the most benefit to be gained.

CIN7 along with Xero has been the best move forward for our business and it’s nice to know that we can ask ongoing questions about ‘can we do this?’ or ‘how does this work?’ and CIN7 are happy to respond and it’s always in a timely manner. We also know that there is plenty of room to expand the system in the future for example, if we decide to use a POS system through our website.

Finally, we have been knocked out with the responsiveness and keenness to assist even after the system was installed and paid for and cannot speak highly enough of CIN7 and their staff.


Black Dove Manufacturing

Evan Sugerman
Jewelry Design and Production
23 Oct 2014

The CIN7 team is ultra responsive and committed to refining a fully customized system. It is a huge asset to have a team like that! Highly recommended!


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