Real People Working Real-time
"It is so much easier to find things when it is all in one system."
- Tom, Technical Manager, Playtech

"I can jump on any computer and get job updates instantly."
- Smily, Service Technican, Playtech
Real People Working Real-time
"It's really easy, all I have to do is point and click."
- Michael, Welder, Warmington

"I learnt how to use it in a few minutes."
- Jerry, Welder, Warmington
Real People Working Real-time
"Having our POS and ecommerce website in
one system means stock is always real-time and much easier to manage.

Taking the POS to shows and events is extremely easy."

- Quinten, Retail Manager, Whisky Shop
Real People Working Real-time
"Easy integration with our website and Xero means Cin7 is the only place I need to go for the latest information."
- Office & Logistics
Real People Working Real-time
"Creating a quote only takes a minute.

I can create quotes when I'm walking around with
the customer."

- Viki, Imports Manager & Sales Consultant,
Dawsons Furniture
Cloud inventory system
  • Real-time visibility, anywhere & anytime.
  • Serial and batch number tracking
  • Multi-currency, multi-branch
  • Branch transfers
  • Mobile stocktake
  • Multi-level BOMs
  • Record actuals to standards
  • Made-to-order jobs
  • Mobile real-time job updates
  • Production planning and scheduling
Point of Sale
  • Works online and offline
  • Works on any browser capable device
  • Kitting and combos
  • Customisable print documents
  • Floor sales
B2B Online Ordering
  • Customer specific pricing
  • Live data from inventory backend
  • Quick ordering from products list
  • Category level security
  • Complex promotion capabilities
Forecasting & reporting
  • Materials requirement forecasting
  • Multiple visual charts and graphs
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Pivot table creation and data mining
  • Real-time information

Industry Solutions

If you are selling products chances are you can use Cin7 to manage your work. Cin7 has all of what you need and most of what you want no matter your industry. Enter the power and versatility of Cin7.

Retail Importing & Wholesale Commercial Projects manufacturing Retail Chains Furniture & Showrooms

Fashion & Apparel

Cin7 has achieved a perfect balance of accurate costs and stock and data entry requirements. Time saving tools like a color size grid and centralised sizes can turn an impossible task into an enjoyable task.

Fashion & Apparel Features

Key Integrations


Cin7 vs Expensive ERP Systems

Why Companies are leaving their expensive ERP systems to Cin7

The Excel Illusion
Along side any expensive ERP system is a series of elaborate Excel spreadsheets that processes most of the operational business logic. Cin7 has recognised the work that spreadsheets do and has where possible eliminated the need to external spreadsheets.
The dangers of using spreadsheets to run your business operations.
No Budget Blow-outs
Implementing an ERP system in most cases have unexpected costs due to the most part by trying to fit a very ridged one-size-fits-all system into an entire company. Implementing a cloud based system specialising in a particular area will always be a closer business fit with a more predictable budget.
Works Online and Offline
Cin7 has developed "real-time modules" which ensures your business keeps going even when the Internet is down or slow.
Real people working real-time.
Complex Operations But Simple Accounts
In many cases the accounting part of a business is relatively simple. Cin7 deals with the operational complexities and simplifies the information to the accounting package of your choice.
Engage Font-line, Factory and Warehouse Staff and Customers
Most ERP systems are designed to be used exclusively by admin and accounts staff. Cin7 engages staff and customers at all levels.
Real people working real-time.
Developed by Inventory Specialists
ERP systems are primarily based around financial control. Inventory and the sales of inventory is a highly specalised area of business. Cin7 believes good finances are a result of good business operations and sales.
Cin7, something your staff can enjoy using.

Whatís Been Happening

Cin7 Integrates with Shopify!!
Cin7 is excited to announce that itís integration with Shopify is now officially out of Beta and active within the Shopify Apps Marketplace. Read More...

XeroCon February 2014
Xerocon Auckland 2014 was great! Cin7 was really glad to be apart of another successful event held by The Beautiful Accounting company. As always there were a lot of exciting new updates. If you missed it read more on our blog...
March 2014 | Coming up | Expo's and Conferences

Check out the latest events coming up. Cin7 will be present at the eCommerce conference in Australia, See you there!†