Wholesale Business

Streamline fulfillment and manage inventory and pricing for all your wholesale channels. With features including built-in EDI and B2B eCommerce, wholesalers use Cin7 to do business with independent retailers, big retail chains, department stores and supermarkets.


Inventory and order management with extensive features for wholesalers and B2B suppliers

How Cin7 improves management across all your wholesale channels

Can Cin7 help you track deposits on wholesale orders?

Collecting deposits is a normal process in the B2B world. Wholesalers don't always use technology that handles it correctly. Cin7 uses best practices for accurate tracking of deposits and payments. Our wholesale ordering system works seamlessly with your accounting solution to manage every deposit as a liability until an order is dispatched and a complete invoice is generated.

Cin7 has features designed to help wholesalers manage indent orders. Cin7 lets you keep indent orders isolated from normal stock. Cin7’s Smart Buyer feature then consolidates all indent sales orders to create purchase orders in only a few clicks of the mouse, eliminating the manual processes that slow you down.

Negotiating deals is a normal part of developing good business relationships with all of your B2B customers. Cin7 lets you create multiple price columns to meet your customers’ different requirements. You can easily apply percentage discounts and add contract pricing for particular products at specified volume quantity breaks. Cin7 calculates all of it automatically, eliminating human error when making a new sale.

Your B2B customers can fall behind on payments. Your current system doesn't warn your sales reps when that happens. Cin7 can alert you when a customer reaches a pre-set credit limit as you create new sales orders. Cin7 can also prompt your customers to settle accounts and help keep your cash flow moving.