Faster order fulfilment with centralised Warehouse Management software

Cin7’s warehouse management system (WMS) improves stock visibility and connects with your sales channels – through fully integrated, scalable warehouse inventory management.

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Warehouse Management is easier with Cin7's Pick 'n' Pack app on a mobile device

Mobile Pick’n’Pack

Save staff time and effort with Pick’n’Pack, which completes processes for branch transfers that staff would usually have to do manually. Warehouse staff can see new orders pop up in real-time. The app enables staff to find stock, print shipping labels and enter tracking codes. Stock figures are updated instantly on the app.

Stocktake on the move

Pick’n’Pack is compatible with any mobile or tablet device. Running on the right hardware, Pick’n’Pack can be hands-free – to further improve efficiency. Linked to a Bluetooth scanner, your stock levels in Cin7 will update in real-time as you complete the stocktake of your store or warehouse.

Built-in Warehouse Management with Inventory

Create and manage multiple warehouses

Easily create branches, warehouses and stores

With unlimited stores and warehouses, creating a new branch is as simple as creating a new contact

Warehouse Management Software lets you track stock stored in multiple locations

Store product in multiple locations

Assign fixed zones and bins to products, whilst receipting in purchase orders from Pick’n’Pack

Warehouse Software helps to track consignment stock

Track consignment stock outside your own branch

Create consignment branches to keep track of all consignment stock leaving your branch

Effortlessly print barcodes

Print clear and precise barcodes in a number of different formats and options, directly from a purchase order or at a product level.

Cin7 Warehouse Management Software Prints and Scans Barcodes
Reporting on Warehouse Management keeps fresh stock coming and going

Balance supply levels using a reliable system

Accurate stock monitoring ensures the right product is available when the customer orders it. A dependable warehouse inventory management system can help keep your stock turnover high, ageing stock low and reduce your warehouse and storage costs.

Say goodbye to paper processes

Eliminate data entry with Pick’n’Pack. Once you’ve picked an order, you no longer need to manually track what you’ve picked, and paper packing slips are eliminated entirely. Automate processes with Cin7 warehouse inventory management system to save time and reduce errors.

Warehouse Management Software gets rid of paperwork so your staff can work efficiently using tablet and mobile apps

More Warehouse Management Software Features

  • Offline & online picking
  • Pick by location

  • Mobile-friendly
  • Batch & serial compatibility

  • Barcode scanning