Case Study – Taller Shoes Australia

How Taller switched their Inventory & POS system to enable faster payment processing, better stock level management and greater store scalability:

Taller design quality elevator shoes for men and are the exclusive retailers of men’s height increasing shoes in Australia. They’ve been in operation for over 8 years and grown to over 12 staff.

Like many retailers, Taller has a wide range of products to suit the needs of their customers. What sets them apart from their competitors is their niche focus on designer shoes that make you taller – if you hadn’t already picked that from the name.

Having recently made the change from Lightspeed Retail POS to Cin7, not only have they transformed the way payments, refunds and exchanges are made in store, but they’ve provided a solid platform for their business to become scalable. We caught up with Jennen Ngiau-Keng, the founder of Taller, to discuss.

A system that didn’t quite fit…

Taller found that their first provider – Lightspeed, didn’t quite fit their store’s needs. “We needed to change our POS system away from Lightspeed, as Lightspeed was too complicated, slow and expensive”, Jennen says.

While experiencing solid store growth, Taller needed to move towards a solution that was scalable and able to handle their business requirements. A key objective being “to make the business a turn-key operation and expand by opening stores across Australia and selling these as franchises”, Jennen says. This need for scalability mixed with a struggling POS system, put a real burden on Taller staff, and the business.

Pairing with the right solution…

After evaluating the many inventory and POS solutions found online, they opted for Cin7 based on price and customer service. “We also needed a system that could be transferred over quickly, without any business downtime. We wanted a POS system that was also easy to teach staff”, Jennen says. Getting up and running with Cin7 took Jennen and the team less than a week and in his own words, “it was a stress-free process, thanks to the excellent customer service from Sharol and the Cin7 team”.

Taller shoes Australia

Reaching new heights…

With the Cin7 application, Taller is now able to process in-store payments quickly and easily. Refunds and exchanges are now easy to process. Stock is easy to keep track of in all four different locations. It gives Taller the assurance that if their business keeps growing they can deal with a larger scale operation, without worrying about their system. “We can now expand our business with more stores and employees without worrying about a POS system that won’t meet the demand of our possible expansion”, Jennen says.

Taller Shoes Australia

Industry: Fashion & Apparel, General/Retail

  • Business Benefits
  • Faster Payment Processing
  • Improved Stock Level Management
  • Enabled Store Scalability
  • Greater Inventory Tracking
“We searched on Google for a solution that wasn’t too expensive, not too far away from Australia and one that provided good service”Jennen Ngiau-Keng, Founder of Taller