Reap the Benefits and Enjoy the Perks

Health insurance

Celebrate your birthday with a paid day off

Social Fridays: beer, soda and pizza on us!

Free unlimited espresso/coffee/tea

Free fresh fruit

Discounted gym membership

Casual dress code: wear your jeans to work


Find Your Path

We love to promote from within, from entry-level roles through to team leaders, developers and management. An integral part of our success has been a result of each individual’s journey at Cin7.


A Place to Thrive

  • Collaborative teams and flat hierarchy
  • Continuous learning and development
  • Open and honest communication
  • Global brand, global customers

Great Culture

  • Passionate about customer success
  • Respectful and inclusive
  • Hunger to learn and grow

About Cin7

At Cin7 we’re all about simplifying inventory management for our customers and connecting inventory to the world’s ecosystem of suppliers, sales channels, marketplaces and apps. We are an inventory management software-as-a-service provider that empowers brands to sell more to more customers.


What Does Cin7 stand for?

It’s Connected Inventory for the 7 ways businesses get their products to their customers: online stores, retail stores, wholesale and vendor channels, privately owned warehouses and outsourced warehouses.

What is Cin7’s mission?

To become the #1 inventory management brand in the world.

About the Founder