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Some retailers start with a physical store while others begin online. Either way, retailers end up with a mix of online and physical channels. When these channels work together to provide seamless retail, brands do more than increase sales. They connect with their customers.

Why You Need Seamless Retail Channels

Retailers follow two common trajectories in the age of eCommerce. Some launch as brick and mortars, others as pure play eCommerce retailers. Ultimately, though, they all end up combining their channels to provide seamless retail. Why is that?

Think Like Your Customers

Pure play online brands provide great examples of why seamless retail is so important. Untuckit, for example, started in 2010 as an online men’s fashion brand with a specific product and customer in mind. It won over customers, expanded its product offering, and after five years tested brick-and-mortar with a pop up store. While Untuckit still makes 75% of its sales online, it runs a chain retail branches in key location across the US. The company says when it comes to convenience and service, it doesn’t distinguish between online and physical retail channels. And that seamless retail thinking has contributed to the company’s fast growth and $100 million in revenue.

Are You Seamless Yet?

Providing seamless retail means meeting customer expectation. Whether they go into your store or your eCommerce website, they’ll find the same information about your products, right down to product availability. And they’ll trust that what they read online stands true if they decide to shop in the store, because customers don’t think in terms of channels. They think about the brand and the products they want to buy. With Cin7’s real-time stock and product information, you can integrate your retail POS, eCommerce website and other channels in a single management platform. Click below and let us show you how Cin7 gives you the technology you need to provide seamless retail.

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