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Upgrades and Fixes to Cin7 for August

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It seems like this year is zooming by. Cin7 has seen many changes since January, including more integrations, improvements, and fixes, and of course the introduction of the Supply Chain App Store in May. With so much functionality in place, our ongoing efforts turn to improving the customer experience. We started with Version 2 of our eCommerce and marketplace apps. Next, we rolled out our POS V3. Finally, in the near future, will continue to make the product even easier to manage with yet more automation.

For now, let’s talk about a new integration, upgrades and other recent product news.

Attention QuickBook Enterprise Users!

Our integration with QuickBooks Enterprise is now live. Customers in North America may have a long-term investment in their on-premise accounting software, QuickBooks Enterprise. They may also need greater control of their inventory and sales processes across multiple channels, but have no impetus to migrate to a cloud-based solution. Cin7 now gives those customers the best of the cloud and desktop solutions with our recent QuickBooks Enterprise integration.

All Power to the POS!

Last month we announced the rollout of our POS v3 module. Cin7 users with retail channels can now enjoy an improved, mobile-friendly interface with new functionality, including greater flexibility to manage store credit and gift vouchers, and to set promotions and loyalty reward spending thresholds. Using Cin7’s POS, customers now can also:

  • Automatically email POS receipts to customers and include BCCs in automatically emailed POS receipts.
  • Automatically round change for POS sales for all countries.
  • Enter serial or batch numbers for returned products.
  • Allow/Prevent the sale of a product when SOH = 0.
  • Import invoices to accounting software individually or in batches.
  • See a more sensible dialog box when customers return items (POS v3 only. See the POS v3 introduction page for more information).

A Run Down of Recent Product Changes, Updates and Fixes

  • You now can extend the number of characters available in custom labels.
  • Prevent the creation of invoice numbers on orders marked as dispatched from ShipStation or StarShipIT.
  • Use a date-picker to set up your promotions matrix.
  • We’ve changed the names of Price Options and Price Columns to Price Tiers.
  • In the CRM module, the Assigned User is now referred to as Sales Rep.
  • Added “Supplier Code” and “Product Active Status” to the “Sales Forecasting By Month On Historic Sales” report.
  • Void transactions at the click of a button instead of changing the Cin7 Status to “Void” in the dropdown menu.
  • You now can track the delivery status of sales order, purchase order and quote emails from the email dashboard in the Admin & Reports section.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Track Stock Movements module to time out.
  • We’ve fixed a bug that prevented credit notes from appearing when certain settings were checked.
  • We fixed a Pick’n’Pack issue that prevented an order from showing when its first item was non-stock.

Get to Know eCommerce/Marketplace Apps Version 2

Last month we also told you about major improvements we’ve made to our eCommerce platform and online marketplace integrations. Collectively, Cin7 refers to these upgraded apps as Version 2. We’ve created a help page for our customers to get to know these V2 apps in more detail.

Keep Up to Speed About Cin7 Fixes and Upgrades

Customers don’t have to wait for our monthly updates to keep up with the changes we’re making.  Check in on product developments as they occur by visiting the Cin7 updates page.

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