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Upgrades, Fixes and Automation Examples

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Maybe there’s a reason we’re surprised that November is just a few days away. After all, it’s been an eventful year for Cin7. Not only did we launch our app store and continually add new integrations, but we’re making strides in some major goals. Read on for examples of our progress in automation as we progress toward the “driverless supply chain”. And of course, catch up on the latest product upgrades by scrolling down a little.

Automation Eliminates the Clicks

Automation means you no longer have to spend time navigating and clicking in Cin7 to process and fulfill online orders. In fact, the recent addition of our scheduler feature reduces the number of clicks from 10+ to zero to accomplish mission-critical workflows. We’ve added this to our eCommerce and marketplace integrations. We’ve added the same automation to our EDI dashboards and 3PL connections as well. Here’s how it already works in two scenarios.

  • Using Shopify with a 3PL. Automatically download orders from Shopify and route them to an integrated 3PL. Once the order is picked, Cin7 instructs your 3PL to dispatch and complete it, while simultaneously sending a status update to Shopify and a confirmation email telling your customer the order was dispatched.
  • Using Amazon with ShipStation. Automatically download orders from Amazon and change the status to Fully Picked, then sync the order with ShipStation to be booked and processed. ShipStation then sends a confirmation to Cin7 to dispatch, update and complete the order, and to send an ASN to Amazon and generate an invoice when Amazon confirms the ASN.

Better Data Importing Saves Time

Moving data from spreadsheets to Cin7 takes up less administrative time now. Thanks to our new import process, you don’t need to use nearly as many data fields to import crucial information. The new process makes importing sales, orders, historic orders, branch transfers and BOMs more straightforward Not only that, an import wizard tells you when data is incorrect or missing. Learn more about it here and check out the webinar.

Recent Product Upgrades, Fixes and New Integrations

In addition to automation and improved data importing, Cin7 made many upgrades and some fixes between early September and early October. And we’ve added a few integrations as well.

New Integrations

Meijer. Meijer is a regional US grocery and general merchandise chain with more than 220 stores in six states and an eCommerce website. Meijer sells clothing, health and beauty products, bedding and home decor, electronics, and other product categories.

Neiman Marcus. Neiman Marcus is a luxury department store with more than 40 locations across the US and an eCommerce website. It specializes in designer apparel, men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, shoes, and beauty products.

Newegg Business. Newegg Business is the company’s B2B marketplace for IT and office product suppliers to sell to businesses, government, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions.

Accounting Integration Upgrades

  • Import Deposits to Accounting Solutions. We’ve added two modules to let you easily handle deposits for sales and purchases. Manage and report deposits in Xero or QuickBooks without the need for manual reconciliation of stock, dispatch or payments.
  • Tax Status, Alternative GL, Payment Terms. Customers must now select options from the associated dropdown menus when setting Tax Status, Alternative GL Accounts, and Payment Terms. Users can no longer type directly into those fields.
  • US Sales Tax. Cin7 added a feature to preserve the fidelity of sales tax applied to orders placed online from multiple states and counties in the US. In other words, if your in the US, you can now handle Sales Tax for eCommerce more easily using either QuickBooks Online or Xero.

eCommerce and Marketplace Integrations Upgrades

  • Estimated Time of Dispatch. You can now populate the ETD field for orders made through eCommerce and marketplace integrations. Choose the date the order was created or the date it was downloaded.
  • Tracking Code Field. A new option to require a tracking code field in all eCommerce and marketplace settings prevents updating an order status that lacks a tracking code.
  • Update Order Status. A maximum time limit of 90 days for updating an order status prevents you from accidentally updating an old order.
  • Alternate Tax Rates. We’ll now warn you with a popup window when you attempt to change the alternate tax rate. No accidental overwriting of custom tax rates.
  • Matching Downloaded Orders to Existing Contacts. All downloaded orders that match existing orders now will fill the Sales Rep field from Cin7’s CRM when matching to an existing contact in Cin7.
  • Update Order Status for Amazon Seller. Cin7 now places the updated status for all Amazon Seller orders in scheduled queues. This helps customers fulfill all orders on time, avoiding penalties for late or missed orders that can result in being banned from Amazon.
  • Update Order Status for Shopify v2. When updating the Order Status in Shopify v2 it will now use the Carrier field if not blank otherwise the Freight Description field – this logic will be ported to other integrations as requested

POS Module Upgrades/Fixes

  • Printing Receipts. We’ve added a few POS Settings to control how the receipt auto-print behaves. We’ve also added a field for adding a Max Discount for standard users. See POS Settings for more information.
  • Online/Offline Status Indicator. A status indicator lets POS users know when you are offline. A warning indicator tells you when you have Offline Orders queued up to sync with Cin7. These prevent you from neglecting to synchronize transactions and to keep up-to-date overall sales and stock levels.
  • Stock on Hand. Tweaked the POS to exclude holding stock from the SOH values for sizes.
  • iPad Compatibility Bugs. Fixed several compatibility issues, including one update that prevented some Category Promotions from working.
  • Auto Expand Bug. Fixed an issue in which certain products set up as a BOM failed to auto expand when you scanned them at the point of sale.

Products Module Upgrades/Fix

  • Show Average Landed Costs in Spreadsheets. We’ve added a read-only field to the Export Products function that lets you add an Average Landed Cost field when exporting data to a .CSV file.
  • Further Promotions. You can now add further promotions to existing promotions or the special price column. Read more about it in our Promotional Matrix article, noting line 6 in the Product Promotions examples section.
  • UPC Creation Bug. We fixed an issue that caused an error message to pop up when creating UPC codes for options with no sizes.

Sales Module Upgrades

  • Bulk Update Freight Fields. You now can bulk update the freight fields of sales orders, including the calculation of shipping fees.
  • Total Weight/Volume of Orders. The total weight and/or volume for your orders now appear at the bottom of the screen next to the other totals.
  • Filter Sales Order Lists by Branch. We’ve added details to the branch filters in the Sales Order list pages. Once you’ve filtered the sales order list by branch, you get an additional option to differentiate between Primary and Distribution Branches. This is very useful if you need to know what orders your branch is expected to dispatch for other branches.
  • Printing Consolidated Picking Slips. We’ve created a new feature in the Sales Orders Settings that allows you to print Picking Slips, Delivery Dockets or Invoices along with a consolidated summary sheet. You can also update the stage of selected orders after printing and determine the maximum number of orders to be consolidated into a single print-out.

Stock Module Upgrade/Fix

  • Easier Partial Stocktakes. We now give you an option to zero-out remaining stock when importing a partial (incomplete) stocktake to Cin7, without the need to type ‘0’ next to every product in your stocktake spreadsheet. Now, when you import a stocktake spreadsheet, click the button labeled “This is a full stocktake, ADD ‘Not Counted Products’ as zero counts”. This feature lets you update Cin7 when your stocktake will take a long time, or if you’re doing a methodic (ie, shelf-by-shelf) stocktake.
  • Stocktake Export Bug. Fixed a bug in which the export button didn’t work when you filtered the Stocktake Master by sub-category.

Other Upgrades/Fixes

  • Sales Orders/Credit Notes. You can no longer save Sales Orders when the total is negative. Similarly, you can no longer save Credit Notes when the total is positive.
  • Drop-Down Menus. Added the ability to select a blank in certain drop-down menus.
  • Transaction Copy Functions Bug. Fixed an error that caused some of the transaction copy functions to disappear.

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