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The Most Recent Upgrades and Fixes in Cin7

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Hey, customers. In case you missed the most recent customer newsletter, here are the most recent fixes to Cin7. We continuously look for ways to improve Cin7, to continue making it much more than an inventory management system. So keep your eyes out for new features, improvements to our interface and more. So keep your eyes out for new features, improvements to our interface and more.

The Lates Product Fixes and Upgrades

Here are changes and updates we’ve made from about mid-May to Mid-June.

Branch & Locations Module

Branch Dropdown Fix. Corrected an issue in the branch dropdown menu caused when entering an ampersand (&).

Cin7 API

Logistics Fields. We’ve added Logistics Carrier and Logistics Status fields to the GET Sales Orders API endpoint.

POS Module

Returns Fix. Fixed an issue that caused a return not to load in the POS if there were too many items.

Products Module

  • Barcode Ranges. You can now add multiple barcode ranges. This can be configured in the Product tab in the settings menu.
  • Inactive Products Categories. Users can now assign categories to inactive products.

Sales Module

  • Consolidated Pick Slip Fix. Printing the consolidated pick slip now correctly updates stages in an order.
  • Back Orders. Cin7 no longer copies through tracking code, surcharge and discounts when a backorder is created.

Stock Module

  • Serial Numbers in Stocktakes. Serial numbers for products that have not been counted when processing a stocktake will now be show in the Stocktake Master.
  • Auto Adjustment Logging. We now log users that make auto adjustments to stock and any saves that are made from the review page.

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