Shopify is an “out of the box” pay per month ecommerce solution. It is easy to setup and suited towards businesses with less than 10,000 products. We often see sellers of apparel opting for this as the default website designs make good product shots stand out and the set-up of each product is easy to learn.

Smart buying and reordering

Integration Benefits

  • Get Started with Cin7 in minutes. Are you an existing Shopify customer? Setup your Cin7 products without touching a spreadsheet. Use the Cin7 Shopify module to download your Shopify categories, products and product shots directly to Cin7.
  • Download orders, new members and auto dispatch from Cin7
  • When orders are dispatched in Cin7 the Cin7 POS updates shopify stock in real-time
  • Update and insert new products, including a seamless update of shopify products with variations
  • Batch multiple Shopify Sales into a single transaction to import to Xero or QBO
  • Update Stock levels gathered from all your branches or selected branches only
We’ve tried pretty much all the inventory solutions compatible with Shopify before we found Cin7. Their solution is very affordable and powerful, it has all the features you can possibly need. The stock control module gives you all the features missing from Shopify, stock level adjustment, stock take, landed cost. We are also using the POS feature, the two works seamlessly all information gets pushed onto Xero.
The support team is always very helpful, they reply to your email within a few hours or even by Skype. Highly recommended!One Good Deed Today