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3 Inventory Headaches To Make You Dread Christmas

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The end of November means one thing. The Christmas shopping season is well underway. But this time of joy may spell trouble for companies suffering ...
Will 2017 Give Amazon Sellers Cause for Concern? Probably Not

Will 2017 Give Amazon Sellers Cause for Concern?

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President-elect Donald Trump made statements through the long campaign that, if acted on, could spell trouble for Amazon sellers. First, there was Trump’s animus for ...

Is eCommerce Just About Transactions?

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Global online retail sales will grow significantly faster than total retail sales in 2016, if research estimates prove accurate.

Cin7 Crab Bucket

Escaping the eCommerce crab bucket: Danny Ing tells Cin7’s story

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 A self-dubbed IT geek who rarely strays from a casual jeans and T-shirts look, Danny Ing’s fashion fetish is surprising.

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Social Shopping: 5 Retail Problems That Mobile Technology Can Solve

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Online shopping has seen a dramatic increase over the past decade. However, the shopping malls and shopping centers still remain. This is because shopping is more than just buying products, it’s a social activity. Here are 5 problems experienced when shopping and how mobile technology can solve these issues in a social way.