Omnichannel Management

Get the most out of your websites, stores and warehouses when you sell through multiple channels. Give your customers a seamless shopping experience with Cin7’s omnichannel inventory management workflows and multichannel order management features.


The key WORKFLOWS that make the omnichannel possible

Omnichannel Management

We manage inventory, eCommerce and POS with separate systems that need complex custom development to work together.

A seamless customer experience requires the free flow of information across all your channels and locations. Changes to your overall inventory as you sell must be accurate and transparent on your website, in your store, on marketplaces and in your warehouse. Cin7 can integrate your channels and locations to establish a central repository of real-time information—available stock, product descriptions, pricing, fulfillment options—so your customers will trust that what you tell them is true.

Your workflows improve significantly when you integrate your channels and locations in a single management solution. Integration allows you to route orders to be fulfilled according to your customers’ wishes, such as click and collect. Cin7 provides rules and automated workflows to meet those expectations. With Cin7, you can easily route eCommerce orders to warehouses, 3PLs or stores, transfer orders from the POS to other locations, set orders to ship directly to a customer’s address and more.