Increase Your Warehouse Efficiency

Find It Fast

Locate the inventory you need to pick and pack right away, get every order out the door fast.

Keep It In Order

Put inventory in the right place as you receive it and always know exactly what’s in stock.

Streamlined Stocktakes

Get stock takes out of the way and get back to getting products to customers quickly.

Flexible Fulfillment

Handle your workload with agility and get the power to split orders, handle a mix of individual products, batch-manufactured product and more.

“It was hard to know what stock there really was in the warehouse. Cin7 has helped our business to be streamlined and accountable. We don’t spend as much time worrying about where our stock is.”
Matt Newman, Founder, ONEBYONE
“The key thing is that we are now very clear about where our inventory items sit...And because it’s in the cloud...we can do our business on the road and still have full visibility no matter where we are.”
Paul Kao, General Manager, Playtech

Features Built To Make Your Warehouse Hum

Bin Locations

Assign bin locations as you receipt orders, set up preferred picking routes. Read more.

Inventory Categories

Batches, serial numbers, color-size variation for fashion brands, cartons; faulty, on-hold, and reserved categories.

Order Management

Picking, packing, shipping, partial order fulfillment, branch transfers, and replenishment.

More Flexibility

Mobile picking, packing and stock taking; shipping solution integration.

Connected Inventory for Your Warehouse

Can Cin7 be used to manage multiple warehouses?

Yes. You can use Cin7 to manage inventory, organize stock by bin locations, conduct stock takes, manage backorders and split orders, and pick and pack orders in one or more warehouses. Cin7 lets you easily transfer stock between warehouses, use your warehouses for retail branch replenishment, and have orders automatically routed to the warehouse closest to your customers to fulfill online orders. You can integrate Cin7 with your preferred shipping solution, and you can also use Cin7 to manage orders when you outsource to a 3PL warehouse.

Cin7 lets you work with most commercial barcode scanners and label printers. You can also use Cin7 on any device: smartphones, tablets, and laptops/desktops. It’s designed to let you continue operations even in the event of a disruption to your internet service.

By connecting your sales channels and inventory management with your warehouse, Cin7 reduces the potential number of systems you have to use to get products to your customers. Print packing slips directly from sales data, and reduce your reliance on spreadsheets to conduct stock takes.