Improve Your Margins, Thrill Your Customers

Scalable Brand Growth

Contain costs as you sell more. Automate processes and optimize your inventory for every sales channel and stock location.

Streamlined Processes

Add agility to your operations. Simplify purchasing, maximize sales, and make perfect fulfilment the reality.

Superior Customer Experience

Give your customers real-time stock availability, order status, click and collect and other omnichannel options, custom quotes and special pricing.

Critical Data, Visualized

Eradicate unexpected stockouts. Know your costs and profitability. Sharpen your product and channel strategy. 

“The key thing is that we are now very clear about where our inventory items sit...And because it’s in the cloud...we can do our business on the road and still have full visibility no matter where we are.”
Paul Kao, General Manager, Playtech
"The ability to customize was exactly what I needed to set me apart from the Amazons of the world. Cin7 allows me to make a good first impression, and that’s consistent with my core values and my philosophy in business: relationships travel at the speed of trust."
Wayne Headley, Founder, Dagga Sous/Artphere US

Features You Need To Hit Your Stride

Workflow Automation

Get online orders directly to your warehouse or 3PL, set rules to dispatch orders from the best location, adjust costs and more.

Dashboards and Insights

Intelligent tools for managing operations and sales, visualizing trends and success indicators, syncing general ledgers, and more.

Extensive Integration

Quickly connect to ecommerce platforms, online marketplaces, 3PL warehouses, accounting solutions and more.

Unique Built-in Features

Production jobs and BOMs, POS, B2B Ecommerce and EDI, color-size variation, actual costing and landed cost tracking.

The Smart Solution for Brand Leaders

Can Cin7 be used to manage purchases and orders?

Yes. Cin7 is an end-to-end solution incorporating every aspect of your business related to your inventory. That includes managing purchases and supplier data, setting up production jobs, inventory planning, inventory optimization for your warehouse and store, sales and fulfillment, payments, returns and more.

It does. Cin7 provides real-time visibility of the inventory you hold in any warehouse, whether you manage yourself or outsource to a 3PL. With Cin7, you can automatically send pick orders to your 3PL as your orders come in. You’ll know when the order was picked, and so will your customer.

Yes. Cin7 integrates seamlessly with popular accounting solutions. Cin7’s Accounting Dashboard allows you to sync your sales, purchases and credit notes to your accounting software in a single click. Cin7 tracks actual costs, not average inventory value, which gives you a precise understanding of your gross profits.