Keep Orders Flowing, Minimize Your Workload

More Orders, Perfect Fulfillment

Hit your targets, getting the right product to the right customer each and every time.

Sell More, Worry-Free

Get real-time, accurate inventory and never again run out of stock unexpectedly.

Eliminate Manual Processes

No more time wasted on reports and repetitive data entry. Manage sales, purchases and inventory in one solution.

All Your Channels In One

Ruggedize your operations: fulfill any kind of order from any kind of customer.

“Since implementing Cin7, we have been able to successfully manage stock numbers with more accuracy and speed. It has allowed us to eliminate the majority of manual data entry and pulling multiple reports from our 12 Shopify stores, which is a huge time saver. In addition, it has given us the tools to formalize our stock purchase process and easily track costings and shipments across multiple warehouses in once place.”
Brigitte Graham, Operations Specialist, HiSmile

The Features That Simplify Operations

Multichannel Management

Automate orders for multiple ecommerce websites, replenish brick-and-mortar stores, meet every EDI deadline.

Order Management

Batch and serial orders, vendor contact management, pre-orders, back orders, split orders, branch transfers, production jobs based on pre-orders, replenishment.

Warehouse Functionality

Download sales orders directly to the warehouse floor, automate pick requests and notifications, keep track of your purchases, make stock takes quick and simple. Read more.

Operations Insights

Real-time inventory levels, overstocked/understocked products, active customers, dispatched orders, and dispatch deadlines. Read More.

Break Free From Inefficiency

Does Cin7 require development to integrate workflows?

In most cases, Cin7 integrates your workflows out of the box, streamlining inventory from time purchase and pre-order or production, to the branch location to the sale, and even returns.

Yes. Cin7 is built to streamline operations by centralizing processes for managing all your channels and locations. Cin7 reduces the order/inventory admin tasks required for multiple ecommerce websites, online marketplace integrations, retail locations (with built-in POS), wholesale channels (including Cin7's built-in B2B Ecommerce module), and vendor channels (using our integrations with built-in EDI). 

Yes. Cin7 can be configured to keep your orders moving to suit the way you sell your products. This includes workflows for handling EDI orders, 3PL integration and other workflows.