Connected Inventory, Competitive Edge

Sell More, More Often

Give customers the experience that gets them to shop with you more and spend more with every visit.

Consistently Superior

Give customers the same great  experience whether they shop online or visit your store.

Fulfill Orders Flexibly

Give your customers the products they want, when they want it, where they want it.

Retail Creativity

Let your customers try your products in new ways with experience stores or other showroom concepts.

“I wanted something that I wasn’t limited with. I didn’t want it to be that I would change over and that was it, that I was at the maximum of what I could use it for. I want to add more stores. I want to add in different channels like eBay, so there’s room for growth there.”
Michelle Ghoulmore, Cofounder, Kreepsville 666

Features Empowering The Omnichannel


Manage eCommerce, stores, pop up stores, experience stores and showrooms, and B2B channels. Read more.


Give customers the options they’re looking for: click and collect, ship from store, preferred branch pick up.


Built-in POS, branch visibility, loyalty programs, promotions, custom pricing.


Branch transfers, branch notifications, real-time stock availability, returns. Read more.

Make the Omnichannel Possible

Is Cin7 only for retail inventory management?

Not at all. Cin7 includes built-in features and integrations designed for B2B business. Built-in production features, EDI and B2B Ecommerce make Cin7 a flexible solution for any combination of multichannel and omnichannel retail, B2B and light manufacturing business.

Absolutely, and it’s built-in. Cin7’s POS module lets you do so much: view stock in all your locations, manage promotions and loyalty programs, transfer orders to other branches, try new products in a pop up store, let customers test your products in showrooms or experiential retail, and more.

Cin7 integrates with every major ecommerce platform: Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Neto. Use Cin7 to make your website part of your omnichannel strategy and deliver omnichannel features like click and collect.