Tame Your Supply Chain

Connected Logistics

Shorten your supply chain as you expand and configure your workflows when you outsource to 3PL warehouses.

Streamlined Manufacturing

Easily track your component inventory. Streamline management when you source many products from many suppliers or contract manufacturers.

All Orders, One Solution

Contain your workload as you grow your sales. Sell direct to consumers, independent retailers or big retailers who require EDI.

Dashboard Insights

Get the intelligent tools you need to identify problems and fix supply chain bottlenecks.

“We realized pretty quickly that a combination of Cin7 with Xero would accomplish a good 85% of what a $200,000 system could do for us, but in a much more flexible and easier-to-use platform.”
Matthew Kessenich, Director of Finance, The Spice & Tea Exchange

Features Built For Complex Business

EDI and 3PL Integration

Built-in EDI, custom workflows, set up and testing, order automation, EDI Dashboard. Read more.

Multiple Sales Channels

Automated ecommerce workflows, integrated POS, branch routing and replenishment alerts.

Complex Order Management

Pre-orders, back orders, split orders, EDI order automation, cartonization, and more.

Other Features

Price tiers, volume pricing, contract pricing, order automation between connected Cin7 accounts.

Simplify Your Business Complexity

Does Cin7 support international expansion?

Yes, it does. Cin7’s 3PL integration and unique accounting features allow you to manage orders in overseas markets and buy and sell in different currencies. Cin7 also tracks freight and import duties to calculate costs and tracks state, local and national sales tax.

No. Cin7 eliminates the need to work with any EDI providers when you become a vendor for a retailer that requires EDI. Cin7 builds and tests your EDI integration in-house and builds custom workflows for fulfilling those orders when you outsource to a 3PL warehouse.

Cin7 integrates many workflows out of the box, streamlining inventory from purchase orders to manufacturing and warehousing to sales and even returns. For EDI (and for processing EDI orders when you outsource to a 3PL warehouse) and for custom workflows, Cin7 does additional testing and development in-house.