Know Your Stock, Keep Customers Happy

Meet Expectations

Eliminate unexpected stock-outs and put the right inventory in the right sales channel and stock location.

Move Stock Easily

Right-size your inventory. Streamline and automate branch replenishment, order routing and stock transfers.

Powerful Insights

Dashboard control, actionable data. Make your business transparent from high level trends to each transaction.

Flexible Products

Handle all variations of inventory, trace stock in production batches, and make returns manageable.

“The key thing is that we are now very clear about where our inventory items sit. It’s much easier to utilize than any other inventory system that we’ve seen. And because it’s in the cloud, we’re no longer tied to an umbilical cord to a software server. We can do our business on the road and still have full visibility no matter where we are.”
Paul Kao, General Manager, Playtech

Features To Get A Grip On Your Business

Real-time Data

Up-to-the-second sales, purchase, stock level data and more. Accurate inventory availability everywhere you sell.

Product Management

Batch and serial number control, batch traceability, color-size variation, stock allocation, alternative units of measure.

Product Availability

Track incoming stock, component stock, stock on hand, open to sell, on-hold/reserved inventory, and faulty stock.

Order Control

Pre-orders, partial/split orders, branch transfers, branch replenishment, dropshipping, consignment stock.

Real-Time Visibility and Inventory control

Is it difficult to find specific data in Cin7?

No. Cin7 provides searchable fields, role-based dashboards and a library of customizable pivot table reports. That lets you quickly find the inventory, sales, vendor and other data you need to make better decisions about your business. Cin7 dramatically reduces the time you would have had to spend mining data from reams of spreadsheets.

Cin7 updates stock availability, synchronizes orders, adjusts inventory levels and more for almost every channel and location in real-time.

Yes. Cin7 integrates with 3PL warehouses around the world, and keeps your inventory up to date as orders get picked.