Sell More Without The Friction

Dump Those Spreadsheets

Gain instant access to data, increase visibility and efficiency, and spend more time on the important things.

Save Time, Fulfill Faster

Get rid of the redundant data entry and processes that stand between your product and your customer.

All Channels In One

Sell online, in stores and to other businesses without the need for additional third-party software to manage inventory.

Instant, actionable insights

See realtime sales, inventory and channel information before your eyes and never go digging for data again.

“Our previous system couldn’t provide the tools we needed to efficiently manage our supply chain. With Cin7, we can quickly identify our needs and produce purchase orders using the Smart Buyer tool and have the PO sent directly from the system. The detailed communication log Cin7 keeps allows us to efficiently track the order and follow up as needed without hunting down paperwork from half a dozen different locations.”
Matthew Kessenich, Director of Finance, The Spice and Tea Exchange
“It’s a unified solution to a complex problem. It ties in all our channels in one place and it’s pretty user-friendly once you know how to use it.”
Steve Anderson, CEO and Co-Founder, Kyrgies

Features That Unshackle Your Productivity


Sync data with your accounting, ecommerce, online marketplace, 3PL warehouse, EDI retailers, sales and marketing and other integrations. Learn more.


Order downloads, pick requests and notifications, rules-based order routing, inventory and COGS adjustments, and more, all automated. Read more.

Intelligent Insights

Real-time, actionable data on sales, operations, overstocked/understocked products, and inventory metrics. Read more.

Other Features

Email POs and invoices directly from Cin7, convert quotes to sales in a click, single-click accounting synchronization and more.

Increase Your Productivity

Does Cin7 require a lot of development to get started?

No. For most integrations, it only requires a little admin work to connect your Cin7 account with your third-party solution or software. For all EDI and some 3PL integrations, Cin7 must do additional setup and testing before they can be used.

Cin7 brings together the information you need to set up and manage production jobs. It centralizes your orders and component inventory to reduce your reliance on spreadsheets and other software required for simple manufacturing. Cin7 lets your create BOMs, track in alternate units of measure, track batches and determine how many products you can make based on available component inventory.

Yes. Cin7 integrates your channels and centralizes your data. That eliminates the need to use multiple solutions to manage orders. It reduces and even eliminates your reliance on spreadsheets to track inventory and stock levels. It works wherever your customers make purchases: your stores, your websites, and your online marketplace and B2B channels.