Simplify Product and Order Management

Streamline Purchases

Know when to replenish and easily create purchases when supplies are low.

From Shop to Showroom

Manage simple production jobs, order fulfillment and showroom sales in one solution. 

Build to Order

Get a handle on the inventory you need to make custom products.

Wholesale Success

Minimize work while increasing volume sales as a vendor for Amazon and other retailers.

“Now we have a single piece of software to manage the business from initial customer lead all the way to managing payment terms...It’s a wholesale B2B furniture company’s all-in-one solution that improves efficiency.”
Brendan McCarthy, US Managing Director, Sika Design

Features for Furniture/Homeware Retailers and Wholesalers

Built-in POS

Full inventory visibility, order routing to 3PL or Warehouse, brick-and-mortar and showroom retail functionality. Learn More 

Built-in EDI

Dashboard control, order cartonization, labeling, order automation. Learn More

Production Management

Custom builds, product bundles, three-tiered BOMs, actual cost tracking, create production jobs from quotes and sales orders. Learn More 

3PL Integration

Automated order downloads, pick requests and pick notifications; real-time stock visibility. 

Solutions for Furniture and Homeware Brands

Can Cin7 keep accurate inventory in my warehouse?

Yes. Cin7 automatically adjusts inventory as you sell and replenish your stock. It gives you the flexibility to allocate stock to a particular channel or customer. And it makes your regular stock faster and easier to manage. This combines to give you pinpoint accuracy of stock levels in your warehouse.

Amazon Vendor and many big retailers require their suppliers to send and receive order information using a technology known as EDI. With most inventory solutions, you’d have to pay for third-party software to handle those orders separately, creating additional ongoing costs and time-consuming data entry. Cin7 builds EDI into its retailer integrations to reduce your data entry, centralize your workflows and automate order processes in a single solution.