The inventory management system for all the ways you sell

Common furniture and homeware industry problems that drive brands to Cin7

Keeping track of fulfilling complex sales orders is all done manually

You sell your products through more than one channel using different software. That disconnection means you don’t know what stock has been sold already and what’s open to sell in your warehouse. CIN7 centralizes your order management, lets you allocate inventory for specific channels, and gives you complete visibility of inventory, sales and operations.
You sell through multiple channels and outsource to a 3PL warehouse. For every sale you make, you manually create a pick request to send to your 3PL. This excess admin work prevents you from getting products out to customers quickly, and it only gets worse as your sales volume increases. CIN7 automatically sends pick requests to your 3PL for every sale you make online.
You make most of your sales revenue as a vendor to Amazon and big box retailers. You need to integrate orders from each channel with your inventory management system and your 3PL warehouse. Most ERPs require you to work with an EDI provider to accomplish that. That would require you to deal with another software provider and to spend more time and money than you can afford to set-up and integrate those channels. CIN7’s in-house EDI team sets up and tests your EDI connection, and ensures order information flows to your warehouse.
You source material from multiple suppliers and use contract manufacturers to assemble your products. Not only do you have difficulty planning production runs, but on a more basic level, it’s difficult to track what products are coming into your warehouse and what’s going out. CIN7 streamlines production and provides full supply chain visibility for better inventory control. CIN7 provides reports and insight to help plan production runs and lets you make purchases directly from what your customers pre-order. With CIN7, you’ll know what you need to make, what’s on it’s way and what you’ve already sold.