Production, order and inventory management for food and beverage distributors

Common food and beverage industry problems that drive businesses to Cin7

We can’t easily manage the orders we submit to our many suppliers.

As a food distributor, you work with many suppliers to get the ingredients you need to make your products. Your current system doesn't centralize your purchases or integrate with your production processes. Cin7 lets you see when you're running low on ingredients, and allows you to place orders directly to suppliers based on planned production.

You don't have the visibility or inventory management capacity to trace your products back to the ingredients you used to make them. As a food and beverage distributor, you need a higher level of quality assurance than other businesses. Cin7’s end-to-end visibility and batch tracking allow distributors to trace products from the unit sale back to the production job.

You have to purchase ingredients based on the amount of products you intend to make. With Cin7, you'll know how much inventory you can produce before you begin production. Cin7's Virtual Stock feature allows you to calculate the quantity you need to produce any number of products.

You've discovered there's no such thing as a single-channel brand these days. You could manage orders when you sold to a small number of other businesses, but you've grown and you want to add new channels to sell direct to consumers. Cin7's integrations and built-in features give you a flexible platform to manage eCommerce, B2B eCommerce, EDI, and physical retail/franchise channels in one platform.

“We realized pretty quickly that a combination of Cin7 with Xero would accomplish a good 85% of what a $200,000 system could do for us, but in a much more flexible and easier-to-use platform.”
Matthew Kessenich, Director of Finance, The Spice & Tea Exchange