Order and inventory management built for fashion brands

Common fashion industry problems that bring brands to Cin7

Our ERP is fashion-focused but lacks the features required to run an omnichannel business

Fashion is always at the cutting edge of change, but classic ERPs are stuck in the past of closed manual processes. Modern fashion brands that embrace the omnichannel turn to Cin7. Our built-in omnichannel features make the omnichannel possible and include click and collect, ship from store, and gift card and loyalty points that can be issued and redeemed online and in store.

You sell your products to retailers and direct to customers. You have difficulty managing inventory and processing orders for both kinds of customers, and that leads to unexpected stock-outs and other problems. Cin7 lets you allocate inventory for specific channels, retail locations or warehouses.

Every one of your designs comes in a range of sizes and a variety of styles and colors. Your current system creates a new SKU for each color-size variation, making it more difficult to manage your inventory. Cin7 simplifies management by assigning multiple size and color variations for every SKU.

Cin7 has most of the features growing fashion brands need built in. This includes integration with fashion retailers with built-in EDI, built-in POS and warehouse management, and integrations with key online marketplaces and all major eCommerce platforms. Cin7 integrates all of these for seamless inventory management and order workflow automation.

“We managed all our stock using spreadsheets, and it was pretty messy. ...It was hard to know what stock there really was in the warehouse. Cin7 has helped our business to be streamlined and accountable. We don’t spend as much time worrying about where our stock is.”
Matt Newman, Founder, ONEBYONE